Devastated Mum Confronts The Doctor Who Stole Her Baby [Photos]


This is the moment a devastated mum confronted the El Salvador doctor suspected to have swapped her new born child for a darker skinned baby after she gave birth at his hospital in May, as he was being led away by police men. (Read previous story here). Mercedes Casanellas screamed ‘where is my son’ as the doctor, Alejandro Guidos was being led away in court. Mercedes tried to tear covering from his face before collapsing in tears, asking the government to help her locate her children, who may have been sold by people traffickers.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Mercy has said that she and her husband hope to keep baby Jacob, and if they are able to find their biological child, they intend to raise both children.
‘I love my baby, he is my baby, I am even breastfeeding him right now,’ she says of baby Jacob. If they can’t find his mother, he already has parents, us. We are taking care of him and, even though we know he isn’t our biological son, we still love him. We are praying and trusting in God that he will help us.’
Source: Mail Online

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