Churchgate: Ibadan Church Stirs Controversy With Crusade Poster | Photo

A religious programme in Ibadan tagged ‘God of the Bad Boys II’ has been trending on the social media with the organiser dressed like a gangster.


This church banner has been frowned at by social media users with mixed reactions. Reports have it that the Church programme is scheduled to take place in Ibadan and the organizer named JazzyB, a man of God is the one boldly on the banner.

What do you think of this?

Source: TalkofNaija


  1. Re..God of the bad boys,,,,really God remains God of tbe bad boys,gals and people,John 3:16 He loves the world(sinful,rebellious,in enimity witn Him)that He gave His only son,He loves us,but hates our sins.

  2. God is the God of all both the good n the bad but he is only a father to many who accepted his fatherhood through his son Jesus christ. The church is not a place for perfect people but a place for perfecting people and heaven is the only place for perfected people.


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