Wives!!! Here’s How To Treat Your Husband Like A King

Happy couple

Most of us want our homes to be a place of refuge, a place of tranquil peace, rambunctious excitement, and romantic moments. We want a home, not just a house. We want a place where our mate is well taken care and comfortable.

This article focuses on taking care of our husbands like a king. Don’t worry; this is a two-way reciprocal view. So, look out for the article on how to treat HER like a QUEEN because the castle of every married couple, needs a King and a Queen. This in no way means that one position is subservient to the other, but rather that both husband and wife have an honorable position that is full of value and worthy of respect.

Study Him

Right from the start let me make it clear; this is a research project that you must undertake. I cannot tell you what specifically causes your mate to feel respected, well cared for, and honored above the rest of the men in your life – to feel like a King. This is where the research comes in. Research and observe what makes his heart sing. Discover and make note of the little as well as the big things that cause him to know and feel that he is number one; the king of the castle.

Make Him a Priority

Place him before your children, boss, pastor/church, parents and friends. Attending to the needs of others is necessary, but should not take away from your marriage.With all things being balanced, the marriage covenant trumps all other relationships.

Invest in Him

Remind yourself this is the man with whom you chose to spend the rest of your life.

He is the product of your wonderful independent choice. See the things you do for him as an investment in your beautiful future together.

Never stop learning your man. He is the same person he was when you married, yet over the days, months, years, he has continued to grow and evolve. Grow and evolve with him. Allow what matters to him, to mean something to you.

How do you treat him like a King in his castle? Observe, study, converse, connect, listen, and connect again. Then execute what you have discovered. If you were taking a $2000 college course, wouldn’t you do your best to study, complete the coursework, and pass the class? So why not invest this and more in your marriage? Your marriage is a part of your life’s work.

Your husband is a non-ending ever evolving specimen that you can continue to learn from every day. Learning him will better your marriage, encourage him, and equip you.

Just as you are the queen, treat and respect him as the king. Here are three basic questions to get you started in your discovery process. Find out things such as:

What respect means to your mate?
What does he prefer after a long day at work?
What does being sexually satisfied mean to him?
Remember this is your research project. Queen, I speak to you and I say enjoy the research. Have fun getting to know your mate day by day and year by year. Remember the two of you are on the same team, striving for the same victory. It takes a strong, bold, confident, and courageous woman to do this work and you have within you what it takes.

Your man has so many facets to him. There is no time to waste or get bored.


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