Keke Rider Robbed & Shot In Warri By Persons He Volunteered To Help


The event happened yesterday, around 6:20am. Some young men of the underworld stopped a keke rider at Hausa market in Warri, begged the keke rider to take them to their destination, that they were stranded and just returned from a distant journey that morning. The keke rider decided to give them a helping hand, but on getting to Sam Warri Junction along Lower Erejuwa road in Warri, the keke rider was given the beaten of his life with his hand shot and losing one of his fingers (digit) and his two weeks old tricycle (keke) which he got for higher purchase carted away with by the bandits.

The tricycle rider is still recuperating in a private hospital at Mudiaga Street in Warri.

See the graphic photo below.