New Boko Haram Leader States His Plans


The new leader of Boko Haram, Abu Musab al-Barnawi has unveiled his agenda.

This includes an end to attacks on mosques and markets used by Muslims.

Al-Barnawi in an interview indicated a major change in strategy for the Islamist terrorist group, and also suggests a coup by Boko Haram’s breakaway group Ansaru against the Shekau faction of Boko Haram.

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Ansaru broke away from Boko Haram because it disagrees with the indiscriminate killing of civilians, especially Muslims.

Al-Barnawi also said that under his leadership the militants will work to seize back territory.

He claimed that increasing numbers of youth are joining the cause, though Nigeria’s military reports that hundreds of its fighters have surrendered as aerial bombardments and ground assaults cut supply routes.

Shekau had previously claimed he was still the jihadist militant group’s leader.

With division at the group’s leadership, one wonders if there would be a war amongst the said factions.

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