Governor Fayose advises President Buhari to resign,if he loves Nigeria

The Ekiti State governor, Governor, Ayodele Fayose has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to resign if he has true love for the country.

Fayose said Buhari’s sickness was frustrating development of the country.

Addressing journalists in Lagos on Tuesday, the Ekiti State Governor took a swipe at the Federal Government’s anti-corruption war.

He said fighting corruption was not limited to discovering large sums of money but doing the right thing at the right time.

According to him, resigning from his job as President shows that Buhari is morally upright.

While giving a scorecard of the All Progressives Congress-led Federal Government in the last two years, Fayose said the party had failed to deliver on its promises.

He said, “So far, the APC-led Federal Government has been a government of misadventure and Nigerians are the worse for it. They say they are fighting corruption but they are shielding corrupt elements within their fold.

“Members of the opposition defect to the APC for protection. Fighting corruption is more than discovering huge sums of money, with nobody being linked to the funds.

“He can do us the great help by resigning. Not resigning stains his integrity. His absence (from the country) allows others to suppress and oppress others; that means he is allowing others to suppress their fellow human beings.

“We need an active President with the country’s numerous challenges. How long will Nigerians wait for an incapacitated president?

“We cannot wait again for somebody to hold us to ransom. I don’t have any bad blood against Buhari. (Acting President Prof. Yemi) Osinbajo has no powers without the President. He owes us the duty to tell us the state of his health,” the governor said.

While also assessing the country’s economy, Fayose said it was unfortunate that it had gone from bad to worse.

He noted that the middle- class had been wiped out.

“There is no middle- class any more. Economic indicators are not cheery at all. They borrow money on a daily basis and committing funds that ought to accrue to all tiers of government to service the loans,” he added.

Fayose insisted that the Chibok girls’ controversy was used to blackmail former President Goodluck Jonathan.

The governor also scored Buhari low on securing the country, maintaining that more people had been killed by insurgents and herdsmen than in any other period in the history of Nigeria.

He wondered why no Fulani herdsmen had been arrested and prosecuted despite the atrocities perpetrated across the country.


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