Fraudsters use Pastor Kumuyi to solicit for funds on Facebook

The General Superintendent, Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi has lamented that fraudsters have opened a Facebook account in his name, soliciting for donation for the ministry.

Kumuyi denounced such account and warned church members and the general public to disregard such facebook account as it did not emanate from him.

The man of God asked a senior pastor in the ministry to announce the development to the entire church on Sunday at a combined service at Ayobo, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

In the announcement, Kumuyi said the fraudsters opened the Facebook account and called on people to donate money by logging them in a certain account.

He said he did not have a facebook account neither did he have any account in any bank for money to be deposited.

“Kumuyi does not operate a facebook account neither does he maintained an account. Disregard this facebook account, it is from fraudsters,” the announcement said.

Meanwhile, in his sermon, “The Believers’ Wisdom and Security in the Last Days,” Kumuyi said the coming of the Lord was near and that events happening now were last days event, calling on Christians not to give up their faith but hold on till the end.

He listed the characteristics of transgressors in these last days to include lovers of self, pleasure, money, the world, darkness, strange women and violence.

Kumuyi said Jesus Christ, as the cornerstone still saved, sanctified and Baptised in the Holy Ghost today, urging Christians to pursue holiness and daily Christian living.

The man of God emphasized that all those who lived in sin and claimed to belong to Christ were liars as they belonged to the devil, saying that anyone who belonged to Christ would not commit sin.

Source: ( PM News )