Protective Styles for natural hair to try out in the New Year

As snow is to Christmas, so is Hamatthan to Nigeria in December/January. Hamatthan brings bitter sweet emotions for everyone. I mean, we love the fact that it is in this season sweating is almost nil therefore, our makeup stays longer, snuggling is also a necessity among others. But there is the bitter side of it; Our hair condition! the season sure doesn’t favour our hair growth especially natural hair.

Natural hair has been steadily growing in popularity and more ladies are shunning relaxers as more inspiration and styles  keep coming out of the natural hair world. Having to deal with a different hair texture and coarseness means having to be more creative when it comes to styling. Protective styles are a blessing because as we are protecting our hair from the elements, we are also coming up with new and exciting ways to look good.

So, sit back as we’ve got your back. Here are some cool styles inspirations that can be tried in 2018;