Toyosi and Daniel Etim Effiong’s baby girl is here and she is so cute!

Actor, Daniel Etim-Effiong just had their first child together and she is so cute! Toyosi posted this photo on her Instagram page and had this to say;

“Then God blessed the SEVENTH DAY and sanctified it…” My #BESTOF2019 made her precious way out on the Seventh Day of this Beautiful Year amidst major drama!!- topic for another day! Right now I’m just still processing the concept of being a part of the creation of a living, breathing human… I’m also thinking of how different my life is… in fact all my thoughts in this very moment are deep sha LOL!! God. Is. Good. @etimeffiong 😍😍 let’s do this again!!!! #EfikPrincess #TeamLaiSkin#OurMelaninisPickingUp #StartSavingForHerDowry #WeWillIncludeHospitalBillandTicketMoney #OkayYouThinkImJoking🙂#ThankYouJesus!! #WontHeDoIt#BabyisHere #IyaIkoko

See the photo below.

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