Here are Tips On How BET9JA Can Make You A Millionaire

Have you ever wondered how people make money on bet9ja? Or you want to understand the nitty-gritty of making wealth through Bet9ja? Then check out the truck loaded information on how to play Bet9ja


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First, lets understand Bet9ja , from the word bet9ja, BET , it means to stake or pledge upon the outcome of an event. And we already know the a.k.a of Nigeria is 9ja. So apparently this was how the founders brought about the name
Bet9ja is an online betting company that offers betting services on major sporting events , while the most popular is football. Bet9ja is a very popular betting website in Nigeria , according to Alexa, it’s the second most visited website in Nigeria as at 2018.

However I will be focusing mainly on football.



  • You must be at least 18 years old to play
  • 1 stands for home team
  • X stands for draw
  • 2 stands for away team
  • 0.5 means at least a goal in a match
  • 1.5 means at least 2 goals in a match
  • 2.5 means at least 3 goals in a match and so on like that
  • BTS means both team scores
  • So if you are choosing 1x it means home team wins or home team draws
  • If you are choosing 1 only it means straight win for home and so on like that.
  • Having explained this how do you now play the game



bet9ja, bet9ja old mobile, bet9ja old mobile shop

You can either play bet9ja online or you go to the shop to fix your match and play. to play online with your phone go to you Choose your game from the menu on the left Choose your preferred bet and choose your odds ,your fixture automatically add up as well as your odds
Fill the amount you want to bet and confirm your bet by clicking bet
You can also do this at the shop as pay at the counter.

Now ,


To be find good fixtures, click on the statistics at the top of the page
Open a new window browser, it will display various statistics
Select your preferred fixture
Or you go to to see favourable games, their you can see fixtures, odds and predictions and analysis
This will help you find favourable matches to pick for your bets.


  • the higher your odds the higher the return of money accumulate that is play games that have higher odds, however do not play high odds that does not stand a chance of winning . for instance a Chelsea game versus an Arsenal game is a tight decision to decide a winner, however taking a straight win for either club will give you higher odds.
  • predicting scores earn you more odds when you are able to predict the scoreline for some matches is gives you a very high odds
  • a safe ticket is lesser to earn you more money , hence a calculated risk shoukd be more adopted
  • the more games you play the more money you stand to win
  • the amount you place on the better determines your return
  • focus on betting on goals. The safest option.



Super9ja is a weekly, free to enter competition run by Bet9ja. Big prizes are paid out to entrants who pick the correct scores of 10 selected Soccer games each Saturday. There’s a jackpot prize of 100,000,000 Naira and lots of runner-up prizes to claim for correctly picking less than 10 results.

Although the game is administered from Nigeria, people from around the world are enjoying the chance to win some big prizes and as it’s completely free to enter, there is really nothing to lose and everything to gain when you play this fun, easy to enter game.




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On Tuesday , 14th of may the Senate Committee on Youths and Sports threatened to ask the National Lottery Commission to seal the offices of Bet9ja, if the company fails to honour its invitation the second time.The committee’s chairman, Obinna Ogba, said this during the verification of Lotto companies operating in Nigeria.

He described the firm’s decision not to honour the invitation extended to it as unfortunate. While asking the clerk to invite the firm again, the senator declared, “If they did not honour our invitation again, we will ask the National Lottery Commission to seal their offices.” He said the verification was organised following a series of complaints against betting firms in the country. He noted that while some do not have offices, some others have not been making remittances to the government. About 20 betting firms appeared before the committee on Tuesday.


  1. i want our governments to cancel bet9ja from our country.becuase this bet is distroying the life of our youth,please i beg cancel anything bet,may god bless you as you do so..god bless nigeria,thank you?