“I Wonder Why No One Talks About The Condition Of The Vagina After A Natural Birth” – Korra Obidi

Nigerian belly dancer, Korra Obidi, who recently welcomed a baby girl with her husband, Dr. Justin Dean in Los Angeles, United States, wonders why people do not talk about the condition of a female’s vagina after giving birth.

Korra Obidi, her husband and her child
Korra Obidi, her husband and her child

Information Nigeria recalls Obidi had her baby, June through natural birth and not an epidural process.

The popular Instagram dancer shared a video of her doing what she knows best with the words:

“Oh my God it’s fiokee!
A wizard with his instrument!
His guitar solos are the only thing that CAN get me dancing against my Dr’s advice.
For the first time, my Dr said, ‘Korra I don’t want you dancing till you heal properly’. So I have been taking it easy, but this song though. This song is epic.

No one talks about the condition of the vagina after a natural birth. Why?
I will start a podcast that talks about everything, no holds barred. Everything! Trust me, no censor, nothing!”

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