Lami Philips Opens Up On Her Career

Nigerian singer Lami Phillips in an interview with LITV spoke on the Nigerian music industry saying that there is peer pressure in the industry adding why it is difficult for many to make a breakthrough.

On the peer pressure artists face to either change themselves or their son, Lami said;

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“Teenagers have peer pressure, it seems to me that we too have the same problems ’cause a lot of things that we are doing, it’s not because we want to do it, it’s because we want to please the next person,” She said. “And the truth of the matter is the next person doesn’t give a s*** about what you’re doing.

“You know, when you’re an artist or a public figure, people have opinions about what you should do, how you should look, what you should sing, what you should wear, and all of that stuff.”

Watch the interview below;