Ned Nwoko reveals why he has kept the identities of his other wives hidden

Nigerian billionaire, Ned Nwoko, has talked about why his other wives are not in the spotlight.

Well, the business mogul has revealed the sole reason only two out of his wives are well known all over social media despite the fact that he has other women in his life.

A fan requested that the billionaire shows the rest of the world his other wives, and he replied that not everyone loves to be the centre of attraction or discussion, and they would rather remain low-key.

The fan commented:

“We want to see the other wives”.

Ned further said that if any of them eventually decides to be the subject of controlled public inquisition, then he has no problem with it, and would gladly show them off.

“It is not everyone that wants to be in public limelight. Anyone of them that decides to be subject of controlled public inquisition is welcome to do so.”

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