Video: Top 5 Places To Visit In Lagos

Lagos, popularly called “Eko”,  is a bubbling and lively city that never sleeps. It is the commercial capital of Nigeria. There are so many places that you can visit such as the art galleries, beaches, museums, relaxation sites, shopping mall among others.

Listing them one by one is a fool’s errand because there is a plethora of culture and historical landmarks as well as tourist attractions. However, Information Nigeria has managed to compile some of the best spots and locations that should be on your bucket list.

Thus, if you’re home body and your new year resolution is to go out more often then this is for you. If you are a travel lover and if you’re based in Lagos, then you can jot down some of these top spots.

Lekki Conservation Center

The Lekki Conservation Center, which was established in 1990, provides a calm escape where you can clear your headspace and feel at ease. It is situated at Lekki-Epe Expresswah, next to the Lekki Lagoon, and near the Lagos Lagoon. It is opened from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. You are free to also visit the place on weekends and public holidays.

Although, the conservation and relaxation center is tucked away

in one of the most crowded cities, it is quite known for its diversity as it accommodate some outstanding  modern nature parks.

This nature reserve area covers an area of 78 hectares. You get to use some trees and animals like monkeys, crocodiles and various birds. There is also a conservation center and a library.

National museum

You get to feed your eyes to a collection of exquisite artworks when you visit the museum which is usually opened from Monday to Saturday at 9:30am-3:30pm.

The museum also gives one the opportunity to learn more about the history of Nigeria as well as the cultural customs. Whenever you visit the spot, ensure to take in all of the artistic splendor and understand why Lagos is regarded as the “Centre of excellence.”

Jara Beach Resort

This location is an ideal getaway located in Lagos. It is curled up in Museyo, Ibeju Lekki and it is also an hour drive  from Lekki Phase One. Surrounded by palm trees, the resort’s oceanfront view is awe-inspiring. You might end up being blown away at the end and the billing would be all worth it. The food is carefully prepared with local ingredients and they offer a variety of drinks at the resort. The security is top-notch and there are lots of activities to participate in such as pool and table tennis. The bed rooms are so comfortable and are equipped with smart televisions.

Freedom Park

Freedom Park bears an interesting history. It is a memorial and leisure park area situated in the heart of Lagos and designed by the Architect Theo Lawson. It was formerly Her Majesty’s Broad Street Prison but it was refurbished into a recreational space. The former prison records office was turned into a museum complex and the old prison block was converted into a food court, built as a replica of the tiny prison blocks. The Park was constructed to preserve the history and cultural heritage of Nigerians. Visitors are welcomed. However, it should be noted that it attracts a gate fee and lots of festivals are held in this spot.

Tarkwa Bay Beach

Spend your day with your legs in the sand and soak up in the sun at the scenic spot located near the Lagos Harbor. The beach is only accessible by water and it is a popular destination for swimmers and water sports enthusiasts.