Abaribe: Attachment To Land Is Root Of Farmer-Herder Crisis

Abaribe: Attachment To Land Is Root Of Farmer-Herder Crisis
Senator Abaribe

Senate minority leader, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe has expressed that the  root cause of the farmer-herder crisis is people’s attachment to land.

Abaribe stated this on Friday during the ‘Urgent Conversations’ series, a programme hosted by Radio Now.

He expressed that until the question of whether Nigerians can easily ignore matters relating to a land they are attached to is answered, the farmer-herder conflict will always resurface.

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He said: “We also need to ask a question that is it possible for Nigerians to ignore the matter of attachment to land because it is very critical for us to have this conversation. I read somewhere that close to 80 percent of Nigeria’s land is in the 19 states in the north.

“About 22 percent or so is in the 18 states of the south and somebody in the south is being told to leave his land in order to be alive so that another person can stay there, how do you think the person would feel?

Abaribe noted that if there is “no quick access to justice, there is absolutely no way people that are aggrieved will agree that something is being done for them.”