Beginners Ultimate Guide to Waist Training – The 8 things you must know before buying a waist trainer

The few moment you’ve thought about starting a waist training to either cinch your waist to expose your curves even more, or you really need to blast that belly fat so bad so you could keep slaying like forever??. Even new mums who want to blast postpartum belly are not exempted. Oooya carry mat come sit down for here.

In this article you will learn about all you need to know before starting a waist training and what you should also do while waist training to get optimum result.

Just so you know, it’s so natural to feel excited about starting a weight loss journey. It comes with a lot of expectations, with questions popping daily on how one can become a better version of themselves while imbibing new waist training habits to live a more fulfilling Getfit lifestyle.

But wait a minute, let’s not forget about our goals. Of course, I mean goals in every sense, from career goals to financial goals to relationship goals and also, health/fitness goals. All of these is quite important and we would say, go for it. I mean your goals are valid, you need to make better plans for yourself both inward and outward.

One of the many things that often clashes with waist training goal is ‘enjoyment’. This is the period some of us can’t resist good food, a lot of people will offer us good meals. Who are we to say no to such good offerings, for me, I am quite conscious of what I take in and my exception is only for festivities.

For majority of us who are fit conscious and are on the fit side of life. We know how to generate ways and focus on a healthy lifestyle routine without a slack and strong determination. Therefore, its time for us to call the shots and say no to junks and all the many carb food we may have eaten to fatten us up.

That is where the journey begins, some of us find numerous ways to get back in shape. You will achieve your fitness goal, only if you are ready to dive in with determination and follow all the rules, this way you will get amazing result from using Getfit waist trainer. I do recommend one of the most effective ways, which is to waist train your way to losing some inches of belly fat, exercising alongside and follow through with a meal plan. A lot of people complain about not being able to effectively waist train as a result of work and many other reasons. Here is the ultimate guide to waist training to your aid regardless of your situation.

To get results with your waist goals, there are available waist trainers recommended for men and women to get results, however, you have to stick to this ultimate guide. Now, follow me through with this, you will thank me later. We have all heard about using fitness waist trainers, tummy wraps, fat breakers, corset for women, smart watch fitness trackers among others to burn belly fat and some people are still not sure if the results are achievable. Here is the right way to waist train and achieve results. Lets go….

Take picture of your current belly size to track your progress.

Don’t forget to have a goal in mind, your goal could be between 3-6 inches or more. That way, you can work towards achieving that goal when you start to waist train. I recommend taking a picture of your front, side and back view to get a before and after effect of your transformation in the end. These pictures will help you to track your progress along the line.

Never miss choosing the right size of body shaper/waist trimmer

A vital part of your waist training journey would be to ensure that you select your best fit, this way you can easily avoid issues relating to comfortability and the product wearing out. Some people often choose to get a size smaller because to them it will make their waist training journey shorter. This is certainly wrong, we need to ignore this wrong conception. Purchasing an accurate size would help you avoid sharp pains and restriction of breath.  Getfit size checker is an incredible online tool you can use to determine your accurate waist trainer size.


Know which waist trainer to wear and when

Before you commit yourself to this journey, make sure to get experts opinion on   the right waist trainer to use. If you can walk into a physical store for purchase, that is absolutely best. You will receive expert knowledge on what is best for your body type. Waist trainers come in different forms and features, which range from length, to colour, to compression level and heat retention. For example, Getfit waist trainers come in a fabulous design that fits different purposes, the slim waist, Ruby, Belly eraser, 3 Straps Ruby, Drip sweat can be used by people with long torso. They equally have straps/bands for extra compressions. Using your waist trainer for 5-7 hours consistently without exercise or 2-3 hours when you exercise every day is advised. Then again for those that feel comfortable with sleeping with their waist trainers can do so.

Ultimately, which style of waist trainer is more comfortable can depend on your body type and personal preferences. Whatever the case, variety can help you feel more comfortable day-to-day.

Choose a high-quality waist trainer

The quality of waist trainer matters too. Using a low-quality fitness waist trainer will never help you accomplish your goals. A lesser quality will only waste your time and as such, you will need to spend your money on a waist trainer with a high quality and a remarkable one in which case I would always recommend is the Getfit premium line of waist trainers. They are a tested and trusted brand for high quality waist trainers.

Take some break from using your fitness wearable

I would recommend that as you begin your waist training journey, you observe a rest day. It is important to give yourself a break on some days so as to obtain effective results for the other days. We would never be able to burn belly fat or make our waist smaller overnight, that is why you will need to give yourself a break and relax for just a day.

Don’t expect results from using waist trainer inconsistently

If you are not quite sure on embarking on the journey, it is better to take your time before starting than being off and on. Inconsistency gives zero results. It doesn’t make sense to have a goal and not commit to it. I strongly advice that you stay consistent on the journey in other to achieve maximum results, I mean belly fat and waist snatched.

Follow a healthy diet while you waist train

Sticking to a healthy diet as you use your waist trainer should be part of your routine for a fantastic result. Taking a lot of water every day, avoid late night food and no junks is excepted while using your waist trainers.

keep it clean, with how to wash/clean your waist trainer tips

After everyday use, be sure to air your waist trainers in a cool dry place away from the sun. In a case where it needs to be cleaned, get a towel into warm soapy water (rather than using cold water). Use the towel to clean off stains properly. After proper cleaning, take a dry clean towel to remove water completely from the waist trainer. After which you put the belt in a cool dry place to dry up.

With this guide, you are sure to snap back to your coke bottle waist before you know it.