Hospitals Shut Down Over High Cost Of Diesel

Members of the Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria have expressed concern that certain hospitals in Rivers State have closed owing to a rise in the price of diesel.

Others are struggling to provide services.

Festus Ossai, the organization’s General Secretary, stated that many private healthcare providers can no longer afford to run their hospitals.

He also stated that several medical processes and services have been impacted because most hospitals do not have a continuous power source.

He also stated that the present price of fuel has had a minor impact on the cost of health-care services, and patients are protesting.

Dr. Ossai expressed concern that the development will have an impact on healthcare services in the country.

Nigerians have been suffering from a severe electricity shortage for months.

The price of diesel has risen from N250 to about N650 per litre. There has also been rise in the price of cooking gas, petrol and electricity.

Activities in many parts of the country, including Rivers State have also been grounded by petrol scarcity.