Igbo Criminals Hiding Under Agitation Fight, Behind Insecurity In Anambra – Soludo

Igbo Behind Insecurity In Anambra – Soludo

Charles Soludo, the governor of Anambra State, has provided an explanation for why kidnapping and insecurity are rampant in the state.

Th governor claimed that Anambra’s economic standing among South-East states made it a target for criminals.

He said that his administration has implemented many measures to combat the threat in response to the recent uptick in insecurity in the state.

In an interview with Channels TV’s Politics Today on Sunday, Soludo said that Igbo people are the ones committing crimes in the state.

In addition, the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria asserted that, in contrast to popular belief, criminals are both known and not unknown because they are frequently profiled in the media.

“They are plain criminals. Some of these criminals also hide under the cloak of agitation but IPOB has repeatedly distanced itself from the criminals.

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“They are kidnappers and plain criminals and they indulge in these because it is lucrative. Anambra is without a doubt the richest state in the South-East so this is the state where kidnapping has the highest value and so you will have their highest concentration here.

“If you have an Okada rider who goes into the bush; learns how to shoot, and joins a criminal gang after which they kidnap someone and make millions, it won’t be easy convincing such to go back to his Okada business anymore.

“But we are decimating them. They are not unknown gunmen, they are unknown to the extent that maybe are not caught immediately. But I can tell you we’ve been catching quite a lot of them and they already know that Anambra is not safe for them anymore.

“Let me be clear about it, 100 per cent of the people we have caught are Igbo. There is no hoax that somebody is invading from somewhere. It is 100 per cent Igbo on Igbo.

“Anambra receives its proportional share of an influx of Igbo from other South-East states and other parts of Nigeria. At the initial stage when we stage and the first set of people we caught are Igbo from the South-East states and not from Anambra. But as we went on, we discovered that a whole lot of the youth are joining them and we have not disguised among them, we are dealing with them equally,” Soludo said.