Winning Trophies Is Important For Nigeria Football – Ibrahim Gusau

Ibrahim Musa Gusau has revealed his plans for Nigerian football and disclosed that his administration will work hard in the areas of grassroots development, players welfare, and youth football.

The former Zamfara FA Chairman noted that he will have an open door policy and empahsized that ideas will be accepted from everyone.

With Nigerian national teams facing a trophy drought under Pinnick, Gusau has vowed that the NFF will try to win trophies and help better Nigeria’s image.

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“Administration at every level, that of football inclusive, requires the wisdom to be able to listen to everyone who has an idea and then pick the very best to deal with each situation at hand. Those of us in the Executive Committee are only privileged to be representing the entire fraternity.

“We will run an inclusive administration in which ideas and advice will be welcome from all quarters, and will be guided in our resolutions. It is very important to resuscitate the League and engender a massive football economy from which every stakeholder can benefit and also be happy to contribute to its growth,” Gusau said.

“It is important to prioritize grassroots football and youth development, and that we will take to heart. It is also important to win trophies, and both can go side-by-side. Winning trophies is good for our country’s image in the international sphere and also helps to motivate the upcoming stars at the grassroots level.”