2023: Presidency Will Remain In North For Next 12 years – Prophet Olagunju

Christian cleric and popular seer, Prophet Wale Olagunju, has said going by his 2016 prophecy, the presidency will remain in the North for the next 12 years, asking Nigerians to wait for his 2023 prophecy.

When asked in an interview, Olagunju, who is in-charge of Divine Seed of God Chapel Ministry, Ojoo, Ibadan, recalled that God had revealed Nigeria’s next president to him adding, “I will suggest Nigerians wait for my 2023 prophecy. But going by my 2016 prophecy published, the presidency will remain the North for the next 12 years.”

On the 2023 general elections, secessionist agitation and other issues of national significance, he warned that peace would continue to elude Nigeria as long as the political class continues to relegate the Southeast to the background in the country.

Speaking on how he assesses the final lap of the outgoing government, he described the government as a complete failure and disappointment to Nigerians who willingly voted them in the 2015 presidential election.

“Today, President Buhari has lost that love Nigerians had for him.

“Buhari allowed the looters of yesterday and today to come together in his government, to loot and ground Nigerian treasury in a heartless and wicked manner. The state of Nigerian economy as at today has become decomposing and rotten apple everywhere. Today, Nigerian masses are now groaning under the yoke of the present economic hardship brought about by this government.”

The popular cleric noted that irrespective of how good one’s intentions were before wielding power, once political jobbers are allowed to infiltrate the government, initial plans will be thwarted.

Speaking on PDP’s chance of winning the election he gave insight on the activities of the G5.

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“Who are the G-5? Do they really have that integrity? To me, they are opportunists who found themselves in power. They are destroying the party that brought them to power; they are now biting the fingers that fed them.

“The belief of the G-5 Governors is that Atiku is desperate to rule Nigeria, but the truth is that the government of every nation is in the hand of Almighty God and He gives to whoever He likes. So, if it is the will of Almighty God for Atiku to rule Nigeria, I boldly declare, that the so-called G-5 Governors can never stop him.”

The Ibadan based cleric also chided Christian clerics who are supporting the All Progressives Congress’ (APC) Muslim-Muslim ticket and those who he maintain what he described as “sinful silence’ over the ticket.

Olagunju described the APC’s same faith ticket as unconstitutional, questioning that “will our Muslim brothers in the North support a Christian-Christian ticket? I am surprised that many bishops are in support of the so-called Muslim-Muslim ticket, bishops supporting injustice.

“In our own country today, we have prophets, bishops, men of God who support and maintain sinful silence in the face of tyranny and failed in their responsibility to tell those in power the gospel truth.”

On the crisis rocking the two major parties, Olagunju maintained that it does not give a chance to the neutral Labour Party since they don’t possess the financial strength to wrest power.

“Nigerian politicians are expert riggers. There is no how a neutral party will emerge. The ruling class are now coming together to manipulate and planning to outsmart one another. It is definitely one of them that will emerge.

“Have you ever heard of a notable politician decamping to the Labour Party? You will not find them there,” he added.