Babangida Jets Off To Germany For Medical Checkup

Former Military President, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB) has traveled out of the country for a routine medical check-up and is expected back in the country after the general elections.

He was said to have jetted out of the country on Saturday to Germany for his routine medical checkup.

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Vanguard newspaper correspondent gathered that he left from the Minna International Airport to the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja where he was flown in a private Jet out of the country.

He was said to have been accompanied on the trip by his second son, Aminu and another Security personnel. An impeccable source told our Correspondent that the former Military President is presently in Switzerland.

It is not however known whether his immediate family members will join him in Germany later.

One of the Spokespersons of the General, Alhaji Mahmud Abdullahi confirmed the development adding that the journey was purely for his routine medical check-up.

“The journey is the normal medical routine check-up. There is no cause for alarm. The medical checkup had been long overdue and he has to go now.

“What Nigerians need to do is to pray for him and wish him well,” Mahmud stated.

When asked whether it was a deliberate attempt by the former Military leader to avoid participating in the forthcoming general election and avoid any controversies, Mahmood simply said, “I am not aware of that.”

“There had been pressure on him in the past months and it is time for him to go and rest and go for his checkup.

When asked whether it was a deliberate act by Babangida to avoid the general election and avoid any controversy, Mahmud simply said, “the General is not envisaging any controversy.

“What type of controversy. I believe that he traveled to Germany over the weekend for the medical check-up,” he declared.

According to him, “the former Military President is not envisaging any controversy before and after the elections. All I know is that he is scheduled for a check and this is what he has gone for,” he affirmed.