How to Start Limiting Your Smartphone Usage

When it comes to your smartphone – a device that is so useful for so many different things in life – it can be difficult to put it down. However, using your phone too much can be something that does damage to your eyes, and limiting it could be something that could end up being good for the sake of your varied activities, as well as your health, but how do you go about it?

The answer will be different for different people, but trying out some techniques could begin to give you a deeper sense of where you could afford to use your phone less, and that might be something that you grow to appreciate.

More Dedicated Activities

Maybe the problem lies with how much you use your phone to just ambiently scroll through social media when you feel as though you don’t have anything else to do. This is an activity that can end up massively increasing your phone usage, even though you’re not doing anything that you particularly enjoy. Instead, then, you could try to make it so that whenever you do use your phone, you’re using it with the intent to engage with a particular activity, such as visiting an online casino real money in South Africa or watching videos on platforms like YouTube.

This can not only break the habit of random scrolling, but it can give you a reason to use your phone, rather than simply because it’s there.

Look to Statistics

While it’s all well and good to simply know that you should be looking at your phone less, it might not be easy to do without having a more concrete understanding of how much time you’re spending on each app. Fortunately, this is something that you can do either with dedicated apps of their own, or sometimes in the settings of your phone. Having a firmer idea of what kind of numbers you’re working with can allow you to set targets to aim for.

You might even want to take this a step further, deleting apps that you spend too much time on to dissuade you from using them. However, when you can just download them again, you might find it better to get better control of your usage instead of simply barring yourself access from the problem.

Walks Without Your Phone

It can be tempting to take your phone with you wherever you go, partly due to how you can do things like listen to music when you go on walks, which can seem to make them more appealing. However, you might find that taking some dedicated time to go outside without your phone might have you taking in the sights more, as well as the sounds around you, which might help to encourage you to spend more time without your phone again in the future. This might raise some concerns for safety, as phones can help you to feel as though you can respond quickly in an emergency if you need to, so you might simply prefer to just take a bag with your phone in it instead.