Supporters Of Coup Attack French Embassy In Niger Republic (Video)

Thousands of people backing the coup in Niger marched through the streets of the capital denouncing France, the country’s former colonial power, waving Russian flags, and setting a door at the French Embassy ablaze on Sunday before the army broke up the crowd.

Recall that a military leader, Amadou Abdramane, announced the removal of President Mohamed Bazoum from office at a late-night address on Wednesday.

It was gathered that after the outset and detention of Bazoum, Abdramane dissolved the country’s constitution, suspended all institutions and closed the borders.

INFORMATION NIGERIA reports that France and the EU have cut off financial support to Niger after a coup toppled the West African country’s democratically elected president.

In a statement on Saturday, France called for the immediate return to the Nigerien constitutional order, adding to the mounting international pressure on the coup plotters.

French President Emmanuel Macron said he will be willing to support regional organizations, including the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) should they decide to bring sanctions against Niger.

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Reacting to the intervention of the French government in Niger, supporters of the junta marched through the streets of Niamey, the country’s capital, waving Russian flags and chanting the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The protesters also forcefully denounced former colonial power, burnt the French flags and destroyed the French Embassy. 

Following the event, the French army opened fire on protesters and injured six people during the incident.

Meanwhile, General Salifou Mody arrived at the French Embassy to calm protesters but the protesters screamed “No More France” as they reject pleas from soldiers.

See the video below