Israel’s Attacks On Gaza Beyond Scope Of Self-Defence — China

The Chinese government has condemned Israel’s attacks on Gaza saying it has gone “beyond the scope of self-defence.”

According to Channel News Asia, Wang Yi, China’s foreign minister, on Saturday, said the Israeli government must “cease its collective punishment of the people of Gaza.”

Yi made the remarks during a call to Faisal bin Farhan, his Saudi Arabian counterpart, as Israel plans to launch a ground assault in the Gaza strip, after telling Palestinians living in the territory to flee to the south.

The Chinese foreign minister said there is a need for all parties to return to the negotiation table and desist from further escalating the conflict.

“Israel’s actions have gone beyond the scope of self-defence.

“It should listen earnestly to the calls of the international community and the UN secretary general, and cease its collective punishment of the people of Gaza.

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“All parties should not take any action to escalate the situation and should return to the negotiating table as soon as possible,” Yi said.

In another call to Antony Blinken, United States secretary of state, Yi said Washington should “play a constructive and responsible role.”

He further calledfor “the convening of an international peace meeting as soon as possible to promote the reaching of broad consensus.”

Meanwhile, Hossein Amirabdollahian, Iran’s foreign minister, has asked Isreal to cease its attacks in Gaza as “no one can guarantee the control of the situation and the non-expansion of the conflicts.”

“Those who are interested in preventing the scope of war and crisis from expanding, need to prevent the current barbaric attack against citizens and civilians in Gaza,” he added.