Presidential Yacht: ‘Security Matters Shouldn’t Be Open For Public Discussion’ – Ex-DG BPP, Emeka Eze (Video)

Former Director-General of the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP), Emeka Eze, has addressed the presidential yacht controversy, saying that security matters should not be open for public discussion.

He made this statement during an interview with Arise News on Monday, 6 November, 2023.

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Eze said, “the issue of presidential yacht can not be discussed here without basically seeing the planning stage. Who really initiated it and if it was the Navy, then it would be improper for anybody to come on on television to say that it was not properly because you don’t have the information that will help you make an informed opinion.

“Part of the things to remember is that the President of Nigeria is the commander and chief of all armed forces. The President uses Air Force One in the case of the of the of the Air Force and so if there is need for the President to have a yatch, its not for us here to come on television to even discuss such security matters.

“The best thing to do is for us to go back and then get the background information before we can make informed opinions.”

Watch video below: