Eight Security Tips This Yuletide Season

The festive season can be a time of joy that Nigerians come together to celebrate and party with friends, family, and loved ones, but for some, it can feel particularly isolated without close family or friends around them.

For others, however, it can be a time for them to carry out their crimes.

In this report, PUNCH Online gives you some security tips you must know this  festive season.

  • Don’t accept free rides or give free rides to strangers.

When you are being offered a free ride this season, make sure you decline the offer. If you are a car owner, avoid carrying random strangers by the roadside.

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  • Stay away from crowded places

Do not spend longer time in a crowded place. Even if you have to stay that long, avoid having conversations with strangers. Stay alert and ensure you don’t get carried away by the activities. Also, hold your bag firmly.

  • Don’t accept food items or drinks from strangers.

This is the season that those who love you and those who don’t will offer you food and drinks for the reason of celebration.

Even if you accept the food items and drinks, do not consume them.

  • Handle your cash transaction with care

When in public space, do not disclose your bank information to anyone and don’t carry out cash transactions.

  • Make your calls as private as you can

Ensure that you are in a private place before you make any phone calls.

  • Do not leave your child/children with strangers. 

The safety of your child or children is in your hands. Do not tell a stranger to look after them while you go to the convenience.

Take your children with you anywhere you are going.

  • Disclose your location to your family members.

When traveling or visiting someone, make sure you disclose your location, address and the phone number of the person you are going to visit to your family.

  • Avoid night journey

Wherever you are, try to get home on time. Get the number plate of any vehicle you are boarding and leave your phone location on.

Sit in the front of the car with the driver but if you can not commute due to security reason, get a nearest hotel and lodge for the night.