‘Gov. Adeleke Reducing Standard Of Every Forward Movement Oyetola Made In Osun’ — Ex-Works Commissioner

Remi Omowaiye,

Remi Omowaiye, former Commissioner for Works and Transportation in the administration of ex-Osun State Governor, Adegboyega Oyetola, has posited that Governor Ademola Adeleke is reducing the State standard his principal had set.

While speaking in a chat with Punch, he said, “Without being political, people can see he is the worst governor. He has failed in all his promises. He has been lucky to have access to more resources and what has he done with those resources?

“So, the question is, what has he done? One year in office has been a year of waste, mismanagement backwardness, and unfortunate situation, insecurity.

“Osun used to be among the most peaceful states in the country, before but since he assumed office, the reverse is the case. There may be issues of insecurity across the country, but when Oyetola was there, he managed the issue of insecurity reasonably.”

Speaking on State infrastructure, he said Oyetola did lot of roads by conducting a “citizen needs assessment. We didn’t just wake up and say we wanted to do something.

“So, we picked projects based on the needs of the citizens. For example, we are having cases of incessant accidents in Olaiya junction because that was the busiest area in Osun and we realised that what we needed was a flyover. Immediately after the project, the Road Safety Corps wrote us and said the flyover had reduced accidents in the area.

“But Adeleke came and said he wanted to do flyovers without doing the necessary analysis. The government is not run like that. It is about checking if the things are needed and carrying out proper steps. For them, they do not even understand governance. It is quite unfortunate that we find ourselves in this situation. It is our state and we really want a state to be proud of but at the moment, we are not proud of our state.”

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Faulting the lack of synergy within Adeleke’s government, the All Progressives Congress chieftain said: “For instance, he said nobody should go on foreign trips, suddenly, we did not see him and we kept on asking questions and we got information that he travelled to Thailand and we made it known to the world but his spokesperson came out to say he has gone for a business meeting with investors but when the Governor was speaking on a radio station, he said he was in Thailand to rest because of his health.

“There is no coordination in their government. Look at the purported sack of the Chief Judge. His spokesperson wrote that they have appointed an acting Chief Judge, the Commissioner For Information came out to deny sacking the Chief Judge and they are both in the same government.

“We are not going to continue like this. The embarrassment is getting too much.”

“For every forward movement Oyetola had taken the state to, Adeleke is taking us backward. Even if he can not improve on what we have done and we have been able to manage the state, he should not reduce the standard.

“I know Oyetola has set a governing administration standard beyond Adeleke’s capacity but we beg him not to reduce the standard too much.

“We know he cannot meet the standard but we are begging him not to reduce it too much. He is the Governor by God’s grace and we expect him to do some of these basic things,” he added.