Food Inflation: No Perfect President, Your Candidate Could’ve Done Worse – Daniel Bwala

Daniel Bwala
Daniel Bwala

Daniel Bwala, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says food inflation is a global issue that is not peculiar to Nigeria alone.

In a post via X on Monday night, Bwala, who supported President Bola Ahmed Tinubu during the presidential primaries of the All Progressives Congress (APC), said the good thing about the food inflation is that it would drop before the end of 2024.

The former spokesperson of the PDP presidential campaign council said there is no perfect President or democracy in the world.

Attaching the photo of a palm oil keg, he posted, “Food inflation is global ohh. This small bottle of palm oil is sold for £20 pound sterling, I.e 38k naira. Hair cut na 45k for london. The good news is that it is projected that global food inflation will drop by the end of this year. So cheer up my people.

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“For those Naija people in the US and UK cursing Tinubu on social media, what they are not telling you is that in the UK they can’t wait to chase Rishi Sunak and in the US, you already know what’s up with Joe Biden.

“There is no perfect president or perfect democracy, let nobody fool you. forget the noise, your presidential candidate could have done worse.”

According to him, Tinubu is working hard to resolve the problems caused by previous administrations.

“President Tinubu is working hard to find solutions to our problems created over decades of Mal-administration.

“Let us have faith in our country and our leaders and offer solutions rather than insults,” he added.

Bwala, who has not officially joined the APC, has had two meetings with the President recently.