TechSocietal Launches Web Tool For Reporting Of Online Sexual Abuse

In a bid to curtail the rising cases of image-based sexual abuse (IBSA), popularly known as ‘revenge porn’, the United Kingdom government, in collaboration with Nigeria’s TechSocietal, has launched a web tool named “Lawbrella”, that will enable victims to get free assistance and justice.

“Lawbrella” which was strategically launched on February 6 to commemorate the International Safer Internet Day, will asides providing traditional legal support, is aimed at fighting injustice and inequity, improve the internet landscape, and uphold privacy rights in Nigeria.

The web tool is also designed to connect the victims with dedicated technology lawyers, therapists, and counsellors, who are committed to safeguarding the digital rights of women and children.

Founder and executive director of TechSocietal, Tope Ogundipe, told newsmen at the launch on Tuesday, that the web tool will improve the online landscape in Nigeria for women and girls who are at risk of more digital harm and further provide a safer digital world for all.

Founder and executive director of TechSocietal, Tope Ogundipe.

She said, “TechSocietal is a non-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening online protection for women and children. With Lawbrella, we are not just offering legal support; we are fostering change.

“We are thrilled to have the support of the UK government through the Digital Access Programme in developing Lawbrella.

“This collaboration exemplifies the power of global partnerships in addressing digital inclusion and digital rights issues especially affecting vulnerable members of society, and creating impactful solutions.

“Lawbrella’s services include legal support for victims, advocacy for improved laws and policies, as well as education and awareness.

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“Lawbrella seeks to challenge injustice and inequity, create a safer digital world for all, and contribute to a better online landscape in Nigeria for women and girls who are at greater risk of digital harm which reduces or restricts their use of digital technologies,” she added.

On his part, the British Deputy High Commissioner in Nigeria, Jonny Baxter, stressed the urgent importance for heightened awareness to be able to battle online gender-based violence, sexual abuse, and exploitation.

Baxter said, “Violence against women and children is a chilling reminder of the destructive impacts of gender inequality around the world.

“Lawbrella is dedicated to empowering Nigerian women and girls, providing them with necessary resources and support against sexual exploitation and online abuse,” he emphasised.