Lady shares reasons on why she stopped attending church services

A Nigerian Lady, with the Facebook name “Benita Ciara Hindan” has revealed reasons why she stopped attending Church services.

Read Below;

So I use to attend this church while I was still a teenager can’t remember how old I was at that time but that was when my hatred for some churches started.

Now at that time till now, I got so picky when it comes to going to church every Sunday because every church I went to i just wasn’t feeling comfortable. Back to the church I was talking about now y’all Remember ‘testimony’ time. Yes you do.

In that church there was sections, testimony to me meant something like testifying to the church and congregation what God has done in ya life and what you’re thankful for.

But in that church it was different. And by ‘different’ I mean there would be someone who would ask you what you’re testifying for and if it’s not up to his expectations he would ask you to go back. Then I found out only testimony about new cars, new projects approval was allowed.

You know rich people only. If you want to share a testimony about life the man will ask you to pls take a seat, once the rich people are done they would say ‘our time is out, testimonies will continue next week’…. crazy If you ask me.

It’s like the church isn’t your father’s(God) house anymore. And I stopped going to that church, it became a business seminar every Sunday. Don’t judge me please. But I don’t blame people who’s finally given up up on churches these days. Different stories.


  • Taiye says:

    You may give up on church but pls don’t give up on Christ. Heaven is real. Just seek the face of God and a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.Once you have an encounter ,the Holy Spirit will guide you to a true Church

  • Chukwu says:

    Worship God in truth and spirit. As for the testimony, stop looking for opportunities to give it. The holy spirit will direct you to where the truth is preached.

  • Anonimus says:

    Please, Look for Seventh -day Adventist Church there you have a peace of mind.

  • Ntukidem says:

    please the only church you can enjoy is African Methodist Episcopal Zion church(A.M.E Zion church).

  • Ayedun says:

    Try the will and total submission to Almighty God. In one word-Islam.

  • Nehemiah says:

    Confused people! The fact that she says sge doesn’t go to church does not mean she need a church. All of you who are suggesting that your church is the best, whose Church is fake, who will admit that? Istead of you to encourage her, you are bringing division in the church. Any church that believes in Jesus Christ as the only begotten son of God and believes the Bible as the word of God, is a church to be. Stop detecting to her that it’s your church that is best. Paul and Apolos are all working for God.

    • Somi Oluwa says:

      As we were not the one that choosed our parents so it is for Church. You don’t choose your Church God does. Once you find your own Church the rest is a story. All you need do is to seek the face of God and He will surely ordered your path to your God ordained Church.

  • Abejide Olufemi says:

    seek for Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and accept him into your life. He is the only one that will take you to heaven. Church or testimony will not take you to heaven. Please have change of mind. Jesus Christ is very important.

  • Jimoh sulaimon says:

    Come to islam you would find peace of mind

  • Raji Abdul says:

    you want us to believe that all the churches preach the same gospel without any disparity. then you are the most confused amongst them. I will advise her to try Islam which declare total submission to the Will of Allah. Don’t you think that sounds quite different from all you have been discussing so far.

  • atama says:

    church is you. and the word of God is in you, so forget what u see or hear, just focus on his words and u will be saved

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