Nigerian lady reveals how her friend’s husband sexually harassed her when she visited them

Ayomide Ajiboye has taken to Facebook to narrate her shocking experience at her friend’s place, how her friend’s husband tried to seduce her when she went to spend a few days with them.

According to Ayo, the door lock to the room she was given to stay was bad so couldn’t bolt, hence the husband saw that as an opportunity to sneak into the room at night to sexually harrass her.

Crazy thing was that the wife wasn’t suprised when she narrated what transpired with her husband, rather she was seeking advice on what to do about her marriage.

Read the story below:

Lemme rant oo… Why do some men act like scum, sometime ago i went to visit a friend who’s married… This is a lady that’s very beautiful, loving and caring ..When I arrived, I intend to stay for about a week plus cus i had something to do in that axis….Myself and her were always together so i wasnt alone with the Husband.. The lock to the room i was sleeping is bad so the door can’t be bolted with lock,Fast forward to one night, i felt a hand on me and I opened my eyes and saw this man beside me, I jumped up and told him to leave, he tried coming at me and i told him i was gonn scream and shout.. He said I shouldn’t do that and left.. Immediately i left that room and went into the children’s room to sleep with them… Morning came and when the wife asked why I slept in the children’s room, I was about telling her when she said My husband came abi?I told her everything that transpired.. What I don’t understand is why would he disrespect his wife that much to try something of that nature to someone around her and under her roof… Me i just pack my stuff and left that morning… The wife is here on rant and she asked me to post this and wants to know what to do because walking out of the marriage is a No No for her because they have kids together and the house was built by both of them.


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