Lasisi Elenu gives clues on how to go steam off in Russia

Can we ever get tired of listening to Lasisi Elenu’s rants on Instagram? The official ranter of Nigeria is speaking again and giving clues on how to steam off in Russia via the ongoing Coca-Cola “Score a trip To Russia” Promo. Watch the video below:

Winners in the “Score a Trip to Russia” Promo by Coca-Cola are constantly emerging. Do you know that Coca-Cola is taking a total of 22 winners to the 2018 FIFA World Cup to watch the live games in Russia later in June this year? You could be one of the winners.

Here’s what you should be doing right about now. Go get a bottle of Coke, check under the crown for the code, text the code to 5453 or upload the code online on and follow the SMS prompts. Also, follow the official Coca-Cola social media pages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more “Score a Trip to Russia” information.

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