From NaijawebCurrent Jobs at Sahara Group: Graduate Management Talent & Engineers
Sahara Group has business activities that span through the entire energy value chain. Our core field of endeavor is centered within the Oil and Gas industry and its associated sub-sectors.
The Group also participates in businesses in other industries that are synergistic to its core field and those businesses deemed strategic in its regions of operation.
The Group’s strength is attributable to a number of factors: dedication to our core values, loyalty and integrity to our industry partners, and experienced professionals with prescience and abilities to breakthrough obstacles -in addition to these are our steadfast relationships that span generational bridges; lasting through changing markets and political conditions. With approval, we have rebranded the Sahara Internship Programme to the Sahara Graduate “Management Talent” Programme (GMTP). Also, the Sahara Protégé Programme has been rebranded to the Sahara Graduate “Management Protégé” Programme (GMPP).
These programmes seek to enable the Sahara Group to identify, recruit, develop and mentor young and exceptionally talented individuals who will be the Sahara Business Leaders for the next generation and carry-on the exceptional performance of the current Sahara Business Leaders.
Sahara Group is currently recruiting.
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