From Naijaloft Hello house, this is the nysc 2009 batch b time table.
nysc 2009 batch b Pre-mobilization workshop
15th – 16th Apirl, 2009

Submission of nysc 2009 batch b Masterlist to Nysc
6th – 13th May, 2009

Action on Master list by Nysc Mobilization Officers – Vetting etc. 6th – 15th, May, 2009

Action by the nysc Computer Centre, Coding etc.
6th – 22nd May, 2009

Registration of Foreign-Trained Nigerian Graduates for nysc 2009
4th – 15th June, 2009

Briefing of nysc 2009 batch b Corps Producing Institutions
25th – 29thMay, 2009

Submission of Preliminary nysc 2009 batch b Printouts
25th -26th May 2009

Return of corrected nysc 2009 batch b Print-outs by Institutions to NYSC NDHQ
3rd – 4th June 2009

Action by nysc 2009 batch b Computer: Coding,Corrections etc
3rd June – 1st July, 2009

Sorting and Packaging nysc 2009 batch b of Call-up letters
2nd – 5th July, 2009

Delivery of nysc 2009 batch b Call-up letters to Institutions
6th – 8th July 2009

Collection of nysc 2009 batch b Call-up letters by Foreign-trained Graduates
9th – 13nd July, 2009

Batch ‘B’ 2009 Orientation Course
14th July – 4th Aug 2009
Nysc batch C which came to being for the first time in 2008 was previously billed to begin in november for details and to make enquiries on NYSC Batch C Click here NYSC, NYSC batch B, NYSC batch C
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  1. Please can someone tell me what is going on here? people finish school and are kept at home for months. Pls when is BATCH C due for camp? What kind of country is this? Next thing u go job hunting and employers mention NYSC when they themselves ARE NOT SERIOUS. I hate this country and its messed up mode of op.

  2. not official but i hear that batch c begins nov 3

    not sure when foreign graduates need to register but i would imagine it has to be one month before so be prepared to be in nigeria first week in october

    again, this is not official but many sources have cited an early november start for batch c so this seems reasonable

    i have hope :)

  3. Good evening ,
    I have a problem with my pre-registration .
    I just bought this new e-nysc card from Afri Bank
    Each time i put the pin num, it tells me 'The card has been used for another purpose'. plz i want to knw why this is happening.
    Thank you as i await your reply.

  4. Now i think batch c has come nd gone unfortunately for me my school did nt send our names to abuja. so we r now chilling for batch a next year, dey one make i grow gray hair for house for dis NYSC tingy. bt dey no go succeed.

  5. Ebonyi state university, Faculty of art to be presiced,dept of History and international relation to be more precised dont like sending there graduates early for NYSC,why?pls help these students,some of them are the final hope of there families.

  6. Please wen is batch B coming up for 2010,cos i missed batcth A, and i think am gettin tired of stayin at home. and i must tell u oou in ago iwoye is not even encouragin d situation,cos its one of the unorganised school av ever seen………………………………………………………?

  7. Pls whoever is closely related to Ag. President, Goodluck, should beg him if possible mount so much pressure on him, to kindly increase the NYSC pay from N9,500 to at least N12, 000, MAKE HISTORY TAKE THAT ONE DEY REMEMBER AM. NA TRU OO, I HEAR SAY HIM BE p.hd HOLDER FROM MY SCHOOL–THE UNIQUE UNIPORT.

    Mar., 3, 2010

  8. i would like to know if i should one is to come individually to abuja for the nysc registraton because i studied in the republic of benin . and i would really like to know how to go about getting my call up letter.. pls its realy important i need a respond to this

  9. Could you tell me if corps members who are serving under Lagos State Government agencies, parastatals, offices, etc, are entitle to an allowance from the state government as the govt. has just increased the allowance by 300 percent ?

  10. Hey there, when looking at your site i see some sort of weird codes all over the page, in case it’s important I just thought I’d let you know it says this with all sorts of other stuff after it: Message : Exception of type ‘System.Web.HttpUnhandledException’ was thrown.