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We are currently looking for people to fill Marketing & Sales positions in our organization, the role will involve marketing and sales of technology products to businesses and individuals around Lagos state.

The right candidate will have at least 6 months Marketing & Sales experience, atleat 2 years work experience and will be currently based in Lagos state.

Please send your application to [email protected]

Please ensure you follow the steps below to ensure that we can better process your application:

-make sure your attached CV is in microsoft word format and the file name is your full name

-make sure your CV has at least two references

-make sure your email subject is Marketing & Sales Position Application

Please ‘copy and paste’, and also answer the following questions in the body of your email:

– What sort of monthly salary are you looking for?

– Is the amount you are looking for Negotiable?

– How many years of Marketing and Sales experience do you have?

– How recent is your Marketing and Sales experience?

– How many years work experience do you have?

– Are you currently living in Lagos?

– Because the job requires that you physically visit businesses and individuals, do you have any physical or medical condition that may interfere with you doing this?

– Do you have a drivers license?

– How well do you know the area in question on a scale of 1 to 10 ?

– What kind of employment are you looking for Part-time or Full-time?

– Do you mind travelling or relocating to other parts of the country?

– Do you mind travelling to other countries?

– Do you have any pending commitments that may interfere with your working hours?

– If so, what days are you avaliable work? ( this question also applys if you are looking for part-time employment)

– Do you have a Bluetooth enabled Multimedia phone?

– Do you have a USB Drive?

– If offered the job position when are you available to start?

Please note the following: If you have already applied for a job at Transolve Limited please dont not re-apply as we keep a record of all applications for future reference. re-applying doesnt improve chances of gaining employment, we will pick people that best fit the positions currently available. For more information on Transolve Limited Please check out, for further enquires, please call 0807 514 0335.

Kind regards

Human Resources Team.