The federal university of technology owerri futo has released the 2009/2010 post ume/post jamb results. Candidates for admission into futo are advised to Visit any of the designated banks or the Information Technology Centre on campus to purchase a CHECK RESULT CARD
Log on to www.futoadmissions.com, thereafter click on CHECK POST UME RESULT.
Enter your JAMB Registration Number or your name in the search box provided and click GO
After a successful search, click on the Registration Number assigned to your name to input the pin code of your CHECK RESULT CARD and click LOGIN
Click PRINT notification page.

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  1. I want to know if it's true that the school using d cummulative of jamb and post ume becuz the post ume score was quite low had 144 and jamb was ok i had 221 see pls i need help my dept is AGE. futo pls need help i can't aford to stay another yr at home .

  2. Futo 2009 2010 first batch list is out and for those who could not find their names in the first list (invalid reg number) it means your name is not in the first list.. Also if you aren’t sure of second list hurry now & call for assistance before second list is released..a 100% assurance for you.. But this time around its gonna be in the management or agric field…
    Or if you wish to retake jamb and choose futo as your first or second choice..email us now to register with us for the 2010 2011 admissions in futo to make sure your admission comes through
    email [email protected] or [email protected] or call 08067637244
    with us your admission is sure

  3. Futo 2010  Post-UME Examination Sitting Time Table Now Out.  Exams Begins on 27 th July, 2010 Finally, the long awaited FUTO post-ume 2010 /2011  schedule is now out.  Though registration is said to commence sometime 12th july i.e next week, below is the Examination time table.  Remember to purchase your copy of the 2005 till Date FUTO post-ume past questions That will enable you prepare and have an insight of the examination.  To get your copy simply get a #400 worth of MTN card text the pin and your email to 08067637244 and your copy will be sent to you so hurry Now Before it is too late.  Futo 2010  Post-UME Examination Sitting Time Table S/N Group Venue Day 1 : Tuesday, July 27 , 2010 1 Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) LH (Near Old Registry Block); Workshop 3 ; SLT Building; SOSC Head (RMD 15) ; PGS Lecture Theater; SOSC Lecture Theater; SEET Head (Lecture RMS 1  & 2) ; SOSC Ext; SAAT Amphi- Theatre; New SAAT Lecture Theatre; New SAAT Builkding (SLH 1 , SLH 2 , SLH 4).  2 Petroleum Engineering (PET) PMF; Hall of Mercy; NLT (500  � Cap.  Hall); CCE Building; MEE Building; CHE Building; PTDF (PET Department) Building; FISO; FUTO Staff School.  3 Material and Metallurgical Engineering (MME) SOHT ( Lecture Hall); SOHT Lecture Theatre.  4 Agricultural Engineering (AGE) DGS Building – Ground Floor (Lecture Halls 1 , 2  & 3).  Day 2 : Wednesday, July 28 , 2010 5 Mechanical Engineering (MEE) Workshop 3 ; LH (Near Old Registry Building); SLT Building; SOSC Block; ( RM015) ; PGS Lecture Theatre; SEET Lecture Theatre; SOSC Lecture Theatre; SEET Head Admin Block (Lecture Rooms 1  & 2) ; SOSC Extension.  6 Civil Engineering (CIE) SAAT Amphi Theatre; NEW SAAT Building (Lecture Halls 1 ,2 ,3  &4) ; New SAAT Lecture Theatre; SMAT Head Admin Building; (USB LH 1 ,2 ,3  & 4) ; SOHT LH1 ; SOHT Lecture Theatre.  7 Environmental Technology (EVT) NMAB Building ( Lecture Halls 1  & 2) , Upstairs 8 Food Science and Technology (FST) SMAT (FMT Lecture Hall); PMT Lecture Hall 9 Chemical Engineering (CHE) CHE Building; MEE Building, CCE Building, Hall of Mercy; NLT (500 Capacity) Hall; PMF Building 10 Polymer and Textile Engineering (PTE) PTDF (PET Department Building) Auditorium Day 3 : Thursday, July 29 , 2010 11 Biochemistry (BCH) Hall of Mercy; NLT (500  Capacity) Lecture Hall 12 Computer Science (CSC) SAAT Amphi Theatre; New SAAT Building (SLH 1 ,2 ,4)  & New SAAT Lecture Theatre; SOSC Ext, SEET Head Building 13 Geology (GEO) FUTO Staff School 14 15 Chemistry (ICH) & Financial Management Technology (FMT) SMAT (PMT Lecture Hall) 16 Microbiology (IMB) CHE Building; MEE Building; CCE Building 17 18 Biotechnology (BTC) Physics (IPH) SOHT Admin Block Lecture Hall; SOHT Lecture Theatre 19 20 Dental Technology (DNT) & Mathematics (MTH) NMAB Block (Lecture Halls 1  & 2) upstairs 21 Public Health Technology (PHT) PGS Lecture Theatre; SEET Lecture Theatre & SOSC Lecture Theatre 22 Prosthesis and Orthopedic Technology (POT) DGS Building ( Lecture Halls 1 ,2  & 3) 23 Information Management Technology (IMT) LH (Near Old Registry Building); Workshop 3 24 Maritime Management Technology (MMT) SMAT ( Mgt.  Tech FMT Lecture Hall)  25 Project Management Technology (PMT) PTDF (PET Department Building) Auditorium and Lecture rooms 26 Agricultural Economic (AEC) PMF Building 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 Biology (BIO) Statistics (STA) Transport Management Technology (TMT) Agricultural Extension (AEX) Physiokinetic and Biomedical Technology (PBT) Optometry (OPT) Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) SMAT Admin Building (USB Lecture Halls 1 ,2 ,3  and 4) 34 35 36 37 38 Animal Science and Technology (AST) Crop Science and Technology (CST) Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology (FAT) Forestry and Wildlife Technology (FWT) Soil Science and Technology (SST) FISO (Lecture Rooms and Halls) NOTE:  I know most of you living faraway will be worried on how to purchase the Futo post ume scratch card. .  Worry not for I can make it easy for you. . .  1.  I can help you to purchase the scratch card and send you the pin numbers.  2. or purchase the card and register it for u online on your behalf.  All you have to do is to email me your details and passport.  After reg.  I will keep your copy safe unitil the time you arrive for the exam all you have to do is contact me on 08067637244 for the account number. .  The nearest banks are First Bank.  Zenith Bank, & BankPHB.  Moreso join our FUTO STUDENT INFO ON FACEBOOK via this link http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=131871910176801 thanks . 

  4. ijmb exams form is out now.ijmb is conducted by ahmadu bello university(ABU),zaria with govt approved centre, ilorin;where 4 all courses,d intensive lecture and qualitative practicals 4 advance studies take place with d veiw 2 admitting successful candidates into 200 level university of ur choice through direct entry check ur brochure. Entrw requirement minimum of 5 credit in waec or neco.awaiting result accepted 4more equire call dis no.08035331347,08034176237,08035510227.

  5. In my waec my chem. Is outstan. But l make it in my neco, and fail others. Now, can l comb. My waec & neco as an EE or ME student to get admission in futo. Pls. Call or Send ur ans to 08032200046. Or to my mail, or to facebook obidinma kingsley. Tnks.

  6. pls i am runnin a pre-degree program at futo and i placed it as 1st choice in the up comin jamb pls i am kind of new 2 all d procedures i don’t no when d list will b out yet pls help me my no 08034602122 pls in d name of God im getting worn out and thin over the issue i have been lookin 4 admission 4 over 2yrs now pls help God bless as u call

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  8. coruption has grown even in the school i wrote pume in futo three times scoring over 210 in the pume exam but i wasnt giving an admission,what they do is take other rich man son/daughter names and put it on the admission list,which is quit unfair,the vc may or maynot no about what is going on in the school,but i want him to amend the situation before it will be too late,even none indigen are not giving admission because of bribe and corruption.thanks.