Scholarships In Nigeria: Chevron Nigeria 2009/2010 National University Scholarship Awards

Chevron Nigeria Limited, in collaboration with its joint venture partner, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), is offering a number of University Scholarships Awards to suitably qualified Nigerian students.
Applications for the Chevron Nigeria Scholarship awards are invited from full-time SECOND YEAR (200 LEVEL) degree students of the under-listed courses, in Nigerian Universities:
1. Accountancy
2. Agricultural Engineering/Agricultural Science
3. Architecture
4. Business Administration/Economics
5. Chemical Engineering
6. Civil Engineering
7. Computer science
8. Electrical/Electronics Engineering
9. Environmental Studies/ Surveying
10. Geology/Geophysics
11. Law
12. Mass Communication/Journalism
13. Mechanical/Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
14. Human Medicine/Dentistry/Pharmacy
15. Petroleum Engineering
Interested candidates should submit their applications stating the following information on an A4 sized paper.


First Name:

Middle Name:

Title (Mr./Mrs./Miss):

Date of Birth:

Course of study:

Current Level:

Matric No:

Year of Admission:

Duration of course:

Mode of Entry:

JAMB Score:

JAMB Reg. no.:

O’Level Results (6 subjects):

School Address:

Phone No:

-Are you a relative of any Public Officer?
-If yes, state Name/position of government official
-Are you a relative of any Chevron employee?
-If yes, state Name and position CNL employee.

State of Origin:

Local Government Area:

Residential Address:

All applications in the format above should be sent to:
[email protected]

Please note that only applications for the Chevron Nigeria Scholarship awards submitted to the web address above will be valid.


The closing date for receipt of applications is January 31, 2010
Short-listed candidates will be required to present originals of the following documents for screening ahed of the qualifying Test:
-WAEC result or its equivalent
-Evidence of Admission into a Nigerian University
-Evidence of current year of study
-JAMB registration Number/UME Scores
-University Matriculation Number
-2 current passport photographs
-Details of Education History – schools attended with dates and certificates obtained
-State of Origin obtained from the appropriate Local Government area and duly signed
by the Chairman or secretary
-Valid University ID Card
Names of shortlisted candidates for the qualifying test will be published in National dailies
on or before July 2010.
Chevron Nigeria Limited, 2 Chevron Drive, Lekki Peninsula, P.M.B. 12825 Lagos.
NOTE: If you have any questions, use the comment form below and a reply would be posted as soon as possible. Also users can also help by answering questions they are conversant with.
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  1. Is it possible to have most of these scholarships news sent to my mailbox by information nigeria. if yes, i would like to the detailed procedure.

  2. Should the form be filled in the form of an application letter or i should just answer the questions the way it was given without? Please a reply will be helpful

    • Guy as v don register before can v enlighten me on how to register 4 the scholarship i.e whether it should be typed in compose mail and sent or typed in an A4 and scanned into the mailbox and sent?

  3. I’m a student of chemistry in ksu anyigba and will finish my 100 level session by feb due 2 asuu strike.can i still apply?

  4. I’m a geography student, does environmental studies apply 2 me or is there a specific course environmental studies.and i entered through remedials am i still eligible

  5. please sir/ma how am i to apply?am i to type the details in compose mail or in ms word? and how do i know if my application has been received?

  6. please,100 level student going into 200 level in my school will be done by Feb.can they still apply?and d current 200 level students will be leaving by Feb. does that will mean it will be valid for them in 300 level if the current 100 level are not allowed to apply?

  7. Just type it and submit, do not attach anything! If your department is not listed you MAY still apply but might not be considered. Supposed 200l students still in 100l due to the strike should apply now or miss the chance forever. Hope all yous questions are answered

  8. Please , I want to make a passionate appeal for the inclusion of Nursing Science in the list of the courses in your scholarship scheme. Nurses are indispensable in the healthcare sector of any nation and as such constitute the largest proportion of the healthcare personnels in any healthcare facility. May I humbly bring to your notice that Nursing is now studied in many Nigerian universities as a degree course. Kindly give a recognition to this noble profession like its counterparts-human medicine,dentistry and pharmacy. Pls do consider my appeal so as to encourage Nursing students and thus improve our healthcare system. Thank you Sir in anticipation.

  9. I sent my application to tha above email ([email protected]) but afer some hours i received a mail saying that my application was delayed.(i.e “[email protected]” ). I dont understand what this means. Do I need to resend my application OR do double applications face the penalty of disqualification.
    Please i need to know what is wrong before he closing date.

  10. Hello ma/sir.the application that is to be sent,hw is this to be it through personal email or through ms word.reply urgently needed.

  11. Please sir what should be the heading of the application,and hw do i get 2 knw if my application has been recieved,would i be penalised 4 multiple entry.thanks

  12. please sir i want to know where the original documents of shortlisted candidates will be submitted ahead of the qualifying test.

  13. i want to apply for 2009/2010 scholarship award am a student of federal university of technology owerri studying mathematics and computer science

  14. Someone should please answer Mr. MikeStainless's question. That was same thing on my mind and I would have posted it if he hadn't.


  16. Can one use two OLevel results (In my case, two WAEC certificates)? Mine becomes necessary if I am to prove that I at least credited the five compulsory OLevel subects for my course of study (Engineering); or are they just looking for ANY BEST 6 subjects from ONE OLevel result? Pls dear INFORMATION NIGERIA or any well informed person out there, I am sitting infront of a pay -system waiting for your answer, i need a speedy reply before my time runs out!!!!!

  17. the line after the o'level result that says "school address", is it the address of the secondary school or the present university?

  18. Please i try applying i was unable i to scan the A4 paper containing my information before sending it or to just go to the website and the fill the form.

    • waz up. instead of scanning d A4 why not just go to your email box & type d information required and send it 2 d chevron email address given which of course u will find it in there website

  19. Some of us has just been admtted in this month(jan/2010).
    We dont hv a matric number yet and no school ID also.but other reguirement for screening is available.
    Wat do we do,since the closing date is 31st.even then i dont think the ID card and matric number would have being ready.
    Pls,try and extend the date.

  20. Gud day
    I am a student of Geography in University of Abuja. Can i also apply for the scholarship.
    Pls i need a reply.thnks.

  21. just got into 200level and do not have a matriculation number yet until the 5th of February so sent my DE registration number and sent it already

  22. but veterinary medical students should also be considered, because its one of the hardest course. one of its fundermentals is to asist the study of human medicine.

  23. I just finished my year 1 second semester exams,going to year 2,in the application i filled in year 1 and session 2008/2009,will i be shortlisted for the test?

  24. thanks for your caring hand which u stretch to us,please can sociology students apply knowing that as a sociologist am also going to be of good use to that environment .

  25. This really nice though,but in my school most guys use this scholarship things to dupe student of money.plz its not fair if you guy are aware.

  26. pls i will b glad if i am informed via the e-mail address above the shortlisted name of candidates are out for aptitude test! thanks you for your anticipated uaual co-operation.

  27. Good afternoon, i just want to know if the shortlisted candidate list is out.if no when is it coming out and how can i check it.
    I would be highly delighted if my inquires is being supply with a quick reply.

  28. I am really glad to see that you are putting so much of effort for encouraging the visitors with valueable posts like this, I have sent this post to my myspaceaccounts profile.

  29. pls how would we know when the shortlisted name will be out apart from the publication of the news paper. i registered for 2008/2009.

  30. Hello. i just would like to know when the qualified list would be coming out. the reason being that my school is in a remote area without little or no access to the national dailies. so i think i speak fairly for all those who are in the same predicament as i am when i say; that the company sholud PLEASE endeavor to send any kind of notification to the candidates aside from the already scheduled placement in the Newspaper. Thank you for tolerance and assistance in our lives.

  31. someone send a mail to me and even call me to say l have been shortlisted, and l should even pay five thousand naira, please is this not fraud

  32. Please, I kindly wish to verify the time of which the list of the shortlisted candidates will be released.

  33. Please, I kindly once more wish to reiterate my earlier stated question concerning the shortlisting of the qualified candidates. Thanks.

  34. Pls i want 2 know if the shortlisted list is out 4 d 2009/10 chervon/nnpc scholarship aptitude test. Pls, reply via my email or my line 07035756156. If not out pls keep me updated when out. Thanks.

  35. hi, guys, I recieved a mail telling me i have been shortlisted for the scholarships and i was requested to pay a sum of #2500 and another mail some days later to now pay #5000 in other for them to process my application and they will get back to later on the day for the intervew. the money is to be paid into a specific account number. pls somebody help, can this be true?

  36. kudos to this company for what they are doing …………..more grease to ur elbow……..I will like to know when the qualification exercise for this year will be conducted i will like to participate in it……i will like to receive alert on my mobile 08060439635

  37. pls i will love you 2 send the shortlisted names 2 my mailbox so as 2 know when the test is coming up.Thanks.

  38. Is 2009/2010 nnpc/chevron scholarship shortlisted list out?. I want somebody out there 2 pls answer me via my no:07035756156 or my mail cos july is ending 2day. Pls reply me. Thanks.

  39. the journal said shortlisted list will be published on or before July 2010 in the national dailies ,till now noting has been published, pls alert me when it has been published and if possible the venue and date of the test tru my no 08032412660 or email [email protected] thanks.

  40. Pls, anyone who has info about the scholarship i.e the list of shortlisted candidates, time and venue of examination, should inform me via my no: 08097926182 or my email address: [email protected]. I would appreciate any help on the infos. Thanks… And InformationNigeria, could you guys help us get more infos about this scholarship because so people are banking on it. Thanks once again.

  41. why is it that PHYSICS as a course is not part of the underlisted courses,that is entitled to this opportunity.Anyway,I want to plead that PHYSICS should be added as part of the courses.thanksssssssssssssssssss

  42. when will chevron bring out the shot listed names for 2009/2010 undergraduate scholarship aptitude test. since July they promise has expire


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