Adekunle Ajasin University (AAUA) Admission List Out

Adekunle Ajasin University (AAUA) has released its 2011/2012 Admission list. Candidates who applied for admission into the university can now check their admission status.
To check your admission status, click here and enter your JAMB registration number.
Good Luck


  1. pls i nid all posible inf on aaua 2nd batch adm status, bcos wen i try my status 4 d 1st batch d response is not found. And anoda tin is concerng scratch card dat ws gven 2 us, hw many time is it usage bcos i av applied d pin severa time witout no pls help me out.i nid dis info very urgent.

  2. If u score 40 and above, ur admission is sure. With prayer.
    If ur card has expired,go and purchase another,and if urs is still displaying ADMISSION NOT FOUND, dont use the card again. Just visit the TAMB WEBSITE and check ur adm status,if admitted, then go and use ur card to print ur adm status. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  3. The address is under 2011 admission status.
    @DoYIN, i shall be waiting to see u on January.dis is my number(08169313766)
    @TUNDEX,just pray. Although,Adekunle is STRONG HEADED,but with God,they are very simple o. TESTIMONIES NEXT !

  4. @TUNDEX. The cut-off mark for all courses was brought down to 40 dis year bcos of MASS FAILURE. I dont want anybody to trust me.but i’ve said d truth.
    And according to JAMB ‘THE SUBMISSION OF ADMISSION LIST OF EVERY INSTITUTION IN NIGERIA MUST BE B4 NOVEMBER 25, NO LATE SUBMISSION’ So by early NOV or so, all are ready. I want everybody’s mind to be ap rest. BUT BE PRAYERFUL !!!

  5. guys make i no dciv una, aaua sen8 strictly base d adm on merit. 4get abt any runs or ….. So kip praying. Anoda info b say 1 of d senate memba na my cousin wey talk say if any candid8 wan no d overall mark wey him get? b say make him divide d ume by 8 nd pume by 2. Add both ans 2geda.dat go b ur total score, He talk say any candidate wey score 40 blow in pume shld go 4 anoda jamb wey go cm out by nov. 30 or…

  6. Let wait nd c den….am even more anxious n0w cuz i jx go do wan stupid pume of 1 muslim priv8(fountain) yesterday dem d bastard even interview score me 60.5 congratulations u ar admittd.u cn resume 4rm 2day.rubbish dat univ b lik primary skul.aaua shld pls gv me my adm na

  7. Let wait nd c den….am even more anxious n0w cuz i jx go do wan stupid pume of 1 muslim priv8(fountain) yesterday dem d bastard even interview score me 60.5 congratulations u ar admittd.u cn resume 4rm 2day.rubbish dat univ b lik primary skul.aaua shld pls gv me my adm na

  8. greatest nigerian student!! Una weldon, my advice 4 una wey b average student wey dem neva giv adm b say make una no dey pick an highly competitive course wey go giv una problem afta or b4 jamb. Just tk a case study of urself wella, immitatn no good, cos evri uni wey dey nigeria 2day base dere adm on merit. D worst sch so far go insist on 50percent. So mk una shine eye wel wel.

  9. GOODNEWS, those of u dat are still xpéctn admiss. PLS B CHECKING UR ADMISS STATUS IN ( 4rum next week. Cos they don finish the COMPILATION(4 SECOND LIST)

    @BOSE, u need prayers and LEGs. I know what am saying. Get in contact wit anyone u know in the sen8 or the S U G s. Dont worry sha, all is well with YOU 2ru christ.

  10. 2 all admitted student, u required 2 print ur jamb adm status nd letter, 4 it wil b needed compulsorily 4 screenin. Nd candidate ar also advice 2 visit d sch website on or b4 30th dec 2011. 4 oda info. Am Using des medium 2 say congratulations!! 2 all admitted student.

  11. wel sam, visit any jamb office dere n ur environ nd obtain d jamb adm letter printing out @ d rate of 1000#. Nd make sure u use coloured printer 2 print ur output. U cn also use des card 2 print ur original jamb result, but each card on 1 service.

  12. olumide. Jst b prayerful, my bleive s dat God s merciful, he cn amaze u @ last. Abt ur scores 49.25, i tink d course u apply-4, cn only judge dat. Aaua still want 2 retain d best among oda state uni, dat s why dey made everitin so complex lik dis. Aaua admitted ova 3800 last yr only 2893 were matriculated. Cn u see dat. Just pray 4 favour of God.

  13. 2 DE candid8, dat av nt bin gven adm now, u nid 2 pray hardly cos aaua ad a little space 4 dem dis yr. U must attain upper credit/distiinction 4rm a recognise institutn (diploma) or merit 4rm a recognise coll of edu. D merit list ar dose distinctn pple wit 60 abv, I dont tink dere s a supplementary list 4 DE pple. Cos aaua admit dem on merit

  14. eamon, ur total score s 52.375, it’s a pity! it remain 2 marks 4 u 2 mit-up shld n case u ar indegene nd pick aaua as ur 1st choice. Wel, do u bleive n God? Kip checkin ur status cos d supplementary list s out, bside u may b gven anoda course. 4 enquiry call osama on 08097689666

  15. Good morning friends,how was ur night?
    YES, THOSE THAT SCORED 43 AND ABOVE IN THE POST-UTME,THERE IS CHANCE FOR U. Just call on ur God. That was what I did and ………. There is nothing like cut-off mark this year. What u need do is PRAYing.
    @VICTORIA,do as i said and ur mouth will b full of testimonies. TAKE ME 4 MY WORDS.

  16. Okay. This is it: 40 and above is the general CUT-OFF. My REG. No. {16184091ba} and I scored 44.And if u said am lying, contact any reliable person in the skull and ask.
    My own wish is that all should be admitted. If u choose dem for second choice, pls pray.cos I believe in the efficacy of PRAYER.
    It depend on ur COURSE if it is competitive.

  17. osama wil only says d reality, 4get abt being kidding!! All my talks na confirm! I repeat, am close 2 one of d senate memba, na him dey giv me an accur8 info, shotty, vic, bose nd d rest calm down! Ok 40 s a gen. cut-off 4 aaua pume, y 200 s d cut-off 4 jamb b4 u can b considered. Aaua accepted 40 for som courses lik: human kinetic, phe, plant sc etc. 40 may nt b accepted, 4 course lik; law, mass com, econs, compu sc nd som oda competitive courses. D skul may use 40 y dept usin 48, dat’s where d wahala starts, ur dept owns d final says. Ok yems, 55 abv s 4 soc. As n 1st choice indegene.

  18. What is there is dat , This year,bcos of the poor result,that was y dey reduce their cut off mark to 40. It was 46,47 up till last year. So the cut off mark 4 last year will not be considered this year bcos of the performances. So dats y i said u pple shold 4get about any cut off.
    Ok,wat of I dat i scored 44 and was admitted in the FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCE.(Public Administration). Last year the cut off 4 my course was 58 60. So i dont know of any cut off this year apart from that general 44. Thanks.

  19. Did u know dat the cut off mark 4 PUBLIC ADMIN. is more dan dat of IND. CHEM. so dats all wat i know 4 dis year. If i am not sure, i wont b wastn my credit and time.
    I just put myself into the shoe of those dat are still xpectn. But as for me, Public Admin cut off is higher compare to my score and i was given admission. So dats y i ask u people to pray.
    Pls and Pls, i am just sharing wat i know,and if u dont need my comment again or if they are false comment, pls,TELL ME TO STOP AND I WON’T SAY OR WRITE ANYTHING AGAIN. Thanks,gudevening.

  20. Yems,victoria,Doyin&the rest expectants.i pray dat God in his endless mercy will crown ur admsn effort wit glory dis yr in jesus name amen.But remember dat the most sorrowful&awful thing is dat if a person’s name is nt in the list of heavenly cadidate .I wish u good luck.I love u all in jesus name amen.

  21. sam, i won’t agree wit u dat dere s no specific cut-off mark 4 each courses. Indeed dere is, paired n2 indigene/non-indigene 1st choice and indigene/non-indigene 2nd choice. Ehm! 2 my expecting pals, dere s cut-off, 2 confirm visit d skul’s admin office, u wil meet a madam dere, u ask her wat’eva cut-off u wich 2 no, d office s open 4 everybody. Or call my no

  22. Osama,I am only saying the real thing,although I dont know anybody but God,so since the result was poor,we ave to focus on the next thing.
    Ok take 4 instance my own admission,so dat why i am asking u guys to be prayerful and look up to the lord. Or is 44 the cut off mark 4 PUBLIC ADMIN dis year?

  23. @Eamon,i was just waking up wen i see my phone BEEPING TO HEAR GOOD NEWS. YES, God has counted u among those that He will Favour dis new month.
    For those dat are still xpecting,cont. in ur PRAYERS. ANY MOMENT 4RUM NOW TILL Next week it will be out. so remember all dat i ave said and start checking urs.
    CONGRATULATIONS 1ce again.

  24. u had beta be careful man coz 1 gud turn deserves another. Beware of how u link urself wit pple. If u’ll be admitted of course u will. There are more after admission so be wise. Keep checking if u merit it, even my uncle dat works at senate can’t assure me of my candidate’s admisn. Aboro lan so fomo luabi

  25. Go to ( u will click on Admission office ,then u will click on 2011/2012 Admission status,u will now enter ur card details and then print it out.
    For FEE STRUCTURE, GO to ( And scroll down,u will see some links and u will click on the Fee Structure for (2010/2011). Although, dey might still change it or leave be checking the 2 sites 4rum now till Dec 30 for further info on Registration and Screening procedure.

  26. why are u all in a hurry? Well i know u’ll neva believe me. I now gat sumone who scored 39 in p ume and has bn offered admisn don’t ask me how. 2nd choice pikin u chance dey tin . 2 all aauites read coz success dont come on a platter of gold

  27. Gudevenin bros. Wat u ave to do is to go to ( Click on Aceptance Fee Payment
    go down to d left,u will click on ‘Procedure for fresh students’
    But, i will still want you to wait till DECEMBER ENDING,so i will carry u along cos i aven’t done anything so far after printing my admission status.
    And if u ave anybody in the school,tell them. By next weekend,i will be going to d skul to see d S. U. G. ,so watever he says, i promise to take u along.cos we are in d’same group.
    For the skul fee, urs is 28,400 + 10,000 (acceptance fee). But wait and b checking the site i gave to u,make sure u click on every link on each site till DECEMBER 30.
    Take care and gudday.

  28. @all,concerning combine o’level result(i.e waec and neco)….is it possible and secondly i scored 212 in jamb,54 in post ume,applied 4 sociology,made d skul as my first chioce and am also an indigene but still no admission yet.
    Is dere still hope 4 me?

  29. thanks antivirus.u will never ave VIRUS in Jesus name.
    @Eamon,d card given to you in d skul is d one u will use to print ur admission status. Enter d details very well. but if d card has reach d maximum use,u can go to d skul and buy another one.
    They might not ask in d skul but incase.

    Any SERIOUS LADY IN THE HOUSE to call or give me a flash. Pls. I need a person dat will make my mind at rest and show me LOVE.
    Since all dis while,i dont know it. but am aving d feelings. ( pls is a person dat have the fear of God ).
    Thanks for considering my HEART FELT.

  30. @Shortty, it looks ungodly in ur own view.well tanks 4 dat.
    But i want to let u know dat since d day i started going to secondary skul till d day i finished my PUTME in O. A. U. & A. A. U. A. ,i ave never in a day accost someone dat i love her.
    But since d day i was given admission, wenever i sleep even if i am working at home or playing wif my friends, d thought always come to me.
    So it was some1 dat said,he tank God 4 my life dat since the time i went to secondary school till this time wif dat my friends i play wif dat has not even turned me to their own way of life.
    So,not to get hurt now thats Y.

  31. Well may be u’re right.But wy can’t u ask GOD,if u ask God he will giv u sombody dat will never break ur heart.Besides it’s nt proper 4 u 2 look 4 dat, on net,dnt u no dat the emere girls may com 2 ur way 2 destroy u&ur future.pls i no wht am saying. samuel be patient.

  32. Bro sam.Bad friends(women or girls)are like comon stone but good 1 is like diamond.There is a woman which God has destined 2 marry u in life,if u’re nt in the position God wnt u 2 be,u will miss her then u’re in (prov8:22).also look at dis;(Ecclesiastes 7:26).pls be patient till january when we shall meet.if any girl flash or call u 4 any friendshp just let me no&we shall no wht 2 do.the bible says put every spirit 2 the test.this my no-08073151080.GOD BLESS U.I m a man.I love u .

  33. I m one of the newly admited candidates of aaua.Samuel i saw ur text&i m interested in wht u said.I m 20 of age,fair in complextion.Pls text me back here in dis site b4 we talk privately.I m a female.I m expecting ur reply b4 10:00am of 12 .11 .2011.

  34. @samuel nd osama, u dis guyz ar 2 much, i give u 3 gbosa!!! 4 al dat info. u ar gvin 2 ppl. Pls i nid a pleasant fdback 2 dis info., i check jamb site 4 my status tanx God i ws admittd but wen i log on 2 AAUA website 2 print my admtn status d respons i am getting is; admtn not found, now what do u tink is happening.nd if i av exceeding card times usage pls how can i buy anoda bcos i far 4rm skul. Tanx 4 ur suitable is my No 4 any1 wu is living in d skul area 4 card purchase assistanc. 08065133187

  35. @Opyee,CONGRATULATION. Now our prayers on dis site is now performing wonders.

    Yes,A.A.U.A is not gbadun as at now,dey ave even postpone dier Second Semester exam which will now affect our resumption date.
    So.i will chart with one of my people in the skul now. Lets wait. Can u post ur reg.number

  36. @samuel,i nid prayers 2 ooo….am still expectin my name 2 come out,pls remember me in yr prayers and i pray we all tat are still expectin admission tat God will put a smile on our faces b4 dis mnth runs out…AMEN!

  37. I m also having the same problem of printing admsn status&i m living in badagry lagos state very far 4rm the school pls help me any body living near the school.I will be greateful thanks i love u all.2 all who are still expecting GOD favour u in jesus name AMEN.

  38. There is problem with the skul site. Bcos when i wanted to print mine,the response then was ‘THE CARD ALREADY USED BY ANOTHER CANDIDATE’ but wen i told my people there,they said the skul site is having problem. So wait till they UPDATE the skul site b4 Nov.25. The last update was Oct.12, to verify wat ave said. Go to and come down u will see it there with white colour. No problem at all..

  39. This is no problem at all. Wen mind happend it was over 2 weeks b4 it was updated. Infact, since Jamb can show it for u. U ave no problem again. Urs is to go and purchase the ADMISSION LETTER PRINTING CARD IN ANY JAMB OFFICE AND PRINT YOUR ADMISSION LETTER…

  40. guyz u ar so wondrfu ur coment always comfot my soul. I believe w’re gong 2 relate beta dan dis after our total resumptn. pls make ur phone no availble 4 live conversatn. I pray 4 dose u ar stil expectng dia admtn dat God wil surpris u b4 d end of dis month do not luc hope in ur God. b positive nd prayerfu. bye 4 now.

  41. oh Yes !
    Pls,4 those dat has been admitted but aving problem wif d Admission Status printing. Dont mind,cos the skul themself know dat they are the cause of the problem.
    So,dont let dat disturb you for now and i mean what am saying bcos during my own time it was ERROR; CARD ALREADY USED BY ANOTHER CANDIDATE so close dat chapter and be preparing for what u will need to buy or use in the skul by JANUARY.
    I promise you dat after the next list,they will update their site and u will now be able to print it. CONGRATULATIONS. If t avent seen urs, it has come already. So start preparing oooooo.

  42. 2 dose dat ar unable 2 check dere adm status on aaua website, u nid 2 visit d sch’s admin office so dat dey can retify dat, bcos d status print-out z required 4 screening. Even doh u check it wit a new card, it will still display ‘adm status nt found’ hurry down 2 akungba 2 complain urs. As av said earlier, d 1st nd 2nd batch ad been pasted, while d supplementary list z out already. Pls report any error now!

  43. d latest info i heard jst now ws dat, dev nt yet uploaded d status of d supplementary list, so 2 dose dat av nt seen deres, i tink u fall n dis category. Just kip checking, nd if d problem persist, make a print copy of d jamb adm status, in leu of aaua’s copy.

  44. ope, ar u sure dat u ar been gven adm by jamb? If yes, ao much wil it cost u 2 report d problem now, mind u nt everi supplementary candid8 wil b admitted due 2 change of course nd oda petty wahala. Ok aaua admitted ova 3800 last yr but 2982 were matriculated, where ar d remaining pple, wich means dat little problem lik urs might av forfeited dere adm. Awon yoruba ni ‘owo eni la fi n tunwa ara eni se’ no nid of seeking 4 an helper online. Go now!!

  45. am so happy for those of u dat has been given admisson..i wish i am too..but God time is the best…pls u guys should tell me the fact..can they still admitt me..i scored 234 in jamb while my putme score is 43..and i choose dem for second choice wanna study bankin and finance..pls what is d cut off mark for banking and finance?pls i need help

  46. Dis is all wat I know. The list is going to b out by saturday.but am not sure may b is the 2nd or supplementary. But pple (Student Union Government) are saying d list is a complete 2nd batch. So admission is still sure for HUNDREDs of people.
    @Abosede, all is about prayer. U will surely ave it by God’s grace. And i wont stop my prayers for everyone that are still expecting.

  47. Good afternoon Abosede.the cut off mark for BANKING &FINANCE was 56 56 last year.why it is not applicable dis year is because of the poor result, so what u need do now is to pray and move closer to your God.dont develop any fear in you. God is by your side.

  48. gudmrn fwnds.pls i nd ansa 2 my qstn b4 i av hrtatck.i’v bn given admsn in2 aaua,printed my status n admsn letter,buh i hrd sm1 said dat we shld use colored printer???i don’t knw d type i used,n my pic isn’t colored.can i stl use d same scratch card or do i av 2 buy anoda 1 ???pls o….b4 its late.thnx

  49. @adeboi9, ur total score is 49.625 but u don’t indicate ur course. @usman, 60 z d cut-off 4 econs. U ad a good gp .I tink ur gp wil b 3.50 abv, usman why dont u put in 4 d course u did in poly? Y crossing 2 anoda course. I suggest u obtain anoda DE form nd fill ur ND course, forward ur transcript nd nt notification alongside wit it

  50. @all. If only you can listen to me. Do you know that Prayer can turn everything around ? So just depend on ur God,all is well. For the person that chose AAUA as His or Her first & second choice, u will soon see ur admission letter in Jesus name.

  51. @bose, nd al d expectant on des site, i want u 2 no dat i dont lik kidding u, i wil always say d truth dat u wil benefit 4rm either now or later. Take 4 instance wat i told Eamon, i said she may b gven anoda course cos she’s very near 2 her cut-off, tank God she was admitted. Yoruba ni t’omo eni ba daa, o ye kawi

  52. Few wks to the release of our 2nd list! Do you want to b sucessful lik dis studènts andrew, musa, dauda, kunle, emeka etc,.Who made it in our 1st list? Then reach us at AAUA/admission/ref016217! And mk ur way in d 2nd list..08182667298

  53. usman, d only problem dat deny ur admission ad earlier been stated by osama, my suggestn 4 u z dat u shld go nd obtain anoda DE form. Den make sure u choose d course u did during ur ND programme, nd ensure dat aaua runs such a programme, nd if dey doesnt, chooce anoda sch instead. Wif ur performance am very u wil b admitted n2 200 level.

  54. Good morning my fellow AAUAITES. How is everything? Longtyme.
    @EAMON,they said you should wait till the resumption day for the fresh students. So dont be too anxious for now,although i am anxious too but they said it can lead to everlasting mistake. So stay cool and i dont forget the rest in Prayer. Thanks

  55. hi! Samuel pls hav u check ur name on schl site coz mine is telling me admission not found and jamb has gave me an admission since november 3 second merit list 4 second choice pls i need a respond 4rm u i wil appreciate if u reply back

  56. Pls i nid sum1 2 ansa dis question” if u av bin givn admissi0n by jamb by university A, dat u dnt choose in jamb and u ar stl expectn admissi0n 4rm university B,whch u choose in jamb.wil jamb all0w u 2 choose 4rm A&B or wuld dey automaticaly cancel d oda admission…..