INEC is Recruiting in Nigeria for 2011

INEC is Recruiting in Nigeria for 2011

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is the main agent of democracy in Nigeria. INEC a permanent body created by the constitution to organize Federal and state elections in Nigeria. The vision of INEC is that of a dynamic and formidable organization that is a major force in the continuation and furtherance of democracy in Nigeria. Also, INEC should be a widely respected and credible institution for democratic governance in the nation. INEC will be seen as a political anchor of democracy in Nigeria and the whole of Africa

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Update: INEC has released a statement about their 2011 recruitment


  1. i’m ex- corper batch B, 2010, is true? that Presdent Goodluck Jonathan requested the NYSC files from INEC for does that percipated during the General Election 2011, for job recuitment, please, reply me.

    • I’m an ex-coper batch A, 2011 with Reg. No. RV/11A/0936. I participated during the past General Election 2011 as a preciding officer. I wish to apply in the ongoing job recuitment. Thanks
      Anudu Angela Chinwe