Boko Haram Spokesman Jailed For Three Years

The spokesman of the violent Islamic sect Boko Haram has been sentenced at an Abuja Magistrate court. The Boko Haram spokesman was sentenced to three years in prison and is to serve the term in SSS custody.

AN Abuja Chief Magistrate’s Court yesterday sentenced convicted Boko Haram spokesman Alisanda Umar Konduga to three years in jail.

He was sentenced by Chief Magistrate Oyebola Oyewumi after pleading guilty to the charge slammed against him by the State Security Service (SSS).

Konduga, alias Usman Al-Zawahiri, was arraigned with Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume on a two-count charge of criminal breach of trust, criminal intimidation and anonymous calls.

Ndume is to face a separate four-count charge at the Federal High Court, following the withdrawal of the charge against him at the Magistrate’s Court on Monday. The new charge was filed by the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Bello Adoke (SAN).

Konduga was accused of disclosing classified information to unauthorized persons between September 15 and November 3 in Maiduguri, Borno state and in Abuja.

The alleged offence is contrary to Section 398 of the Penal Code.

Pleading for leniency, Konduga, who spoke through an interpreter said if pardoned, he would be ready to give information on the activities of the Boko Haram to security agencies.

The Judge said the offences against him carry a maximum of seven years imprisonment.

Considering the nature of the offence and the porous state of prisons in the country, Prosecutor, Cliff Osagie made an oral request that he serves the prison term in the custody of the SSS.

The request was granted.

Source: The Nation Newspaper

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  • Jonathan Theatre of the absurd. Whoever thinks that Boko Haram is an issue should have his/her head checked. How could a person who admitted responsibilities of all deadly attacks on people got a 3 year sentence? Political Boko Haram.

  • why do we lack credibility in this country? Someone killed hundreds of an innocent lives and was chaged for just 3years imprisonment. These same hoodlums were treathened the whole Nation with unprecedented heineous bomb confidently. I believe dat Ali Konduga will come bak 4rm prison to bomb the whole nation with his sects. Lets see what will end Senator(boko haram) Ali Ndume’s case. I gues he will be discharged unacquitted!! or what do you tink?

  • How on earth culd a the spokeman of a dreadly sect like Boko Haramwif all d blood on his neck,be sentenced 2 just 3yrs in prison?its as gud as settin him free,beliv me,d blood of dose dat lost thier dear lives is on d neck of d Jonathan Govt…..

  • Dis country is d most crazy country i have ever seen or heard of how can some1 who commited those bad atrocities and was sentence 2 3 years imprisoment i hate our leaders, my people our president is weak and i mean it

  • It better to set him free than to jail him for jst 3yrs, my beluv sister nearly lose her life in jos and kano bcus of de boko harm, de federal govt has to do somtin abt his sentce to jail at list life in jail wit hard labour wil be better, thank u

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