FG orders civil servants to resume work

The Federal Government has directed all federal civil servants to report to work as from Wednesday.

The Head of Service of the Federation, Alhaji Bello Sali, who gave the directive in Abuja, today, said security officers had been deployed to the various government offices to ensure their security.

He said government had discovered that many civil servants could not report for work due to lack of transport and, therefore, directed that the various Ministries, Departments and Agencies to provide staff buses for the transportation of workers to and from work.

It was also learnt that some government agencies had opened fresh attendance registers with a view to punishing workers who failed to report for work.

Source: Vanguard Newspapers

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  • Wht can say to a blind & deaf president who set his country on fire and travelled to celebrate political party’s anniversary in S.A. Leavind his people in pain for injury he afflited upon Nigerians.
    God hear our cry and descend on Jonathan for the wrath of innocent lives that we lost.

  • In my candit opinion, this country is not yet ripe enough 4 subsidy removal. Subsidy will be a viable gesture if & only if our REFINERIES can be in 100% operation and our epileptic power sector (PHCN) is being cured from its illness. Or else ALUTA CONTINUAL-VICTORIA ACETAL.

  • We are going to burn all offices that resume work tomorrow and also what happen to all Ghanian leaders and going to happen to all our leaders in Nigeria youth are the leaders of tomorrow, stop curruption first before removing any fuck subsidy idiot president. Occupy Nigeria

  • let join hands 2geda and support dis gud gesture by d president, 2 b candid wit all 9ja d president v not done 2 bad,bcos d removal of fuel subsidy is a gr8 change, hw can u imagine 1.3 trillions naira goin 2 dose pass selfish leader who don’t wnt d growth of dis country, pls 9ja let peace reign

  • Let d president tackle d issue of corruption first let him use the idea of d CBN governor in d bankin sector then we can move on

  • I can’t belief some Nigerians could support such devilish act towards his brothers, no to fuel subsidy , no to work resumption and no to Badluck….


    (2). If ur broda ar to b berry today jus like segun fayeuhn has been burried in ikorodu today afta jus 3 weeks & 2days of his weding will u hav chance 2 giv badluck respect…?

    (3). If u Ebele or Egbere has been killed duing ojukwu war or Shagari regime just d way his police men ar killing protesters nw, Can he has got d opportunity 2 led as rancour leader dt we found him to be…?

    (4). If it is d bread winner of ur family dt has been killed among d 120 protesters who were fighting for m and u. Can Ebele com 2ur resque afta d berial & stay wt u 4ever…? Is he nt a bread winner 2his family….?

    (5). Shu we wait till He bcom Gadafi on us…?, even gadafi better dis man.

    (6). If u pity dis man and says we shu pity him, it means u enjoy devil in jesus paradise. Let us hate Judas in our midst. Let us separate d goat frm d sheeps.

    (7). Pipu said lets giv Babagida tria, did he change throughout?
    Did sanni abacha not escaped throughout..?. Did obasanjo not enjoy now and u still suffer even as u good in counting thier regime throughout. He has nothing gud 4dis Nation….

    Do u hear wht one minister said wen he bought a house dt worth 32miloin euro, he said…soon man shu b climbing man in my nation bcus they wl b fry”…
    Are u among of nigerian that thier children and great grand children will b climbing soon…?

    Do u watch Aljazeera now and hear wat nigerian in western countries ar saying..
    Do u kno dat many of dem bath dead body, bury dead body, pack war front, clearn cutters, sleep under brigde, eat pebles even thief b4 they cud earn kobo in d strange land call wester world?.
    Bcus i hav once b d slave in Itally.
    U mus sound lik prudent woman who hav passion in her system, u mus sound lik woman who cry loudly b4 givin birth to her children who Nigerian or gudluck police has been killing and i will cry for u.

    I will cry 4u if u pity Him, egbere joninatan.
    I will cry for u bcus since Dec 16 2011 that i hav landed in Lome here, thier light neva blink, let alone off.
    I will cry for u bcus, i neva spent 6,000 naira on trans, and i do out each day.
    I will cry for u bcus i neva pay @ Lome hospita in twice time dt i hav went there for treatmnt.

    He collected 3million naira monthly, Recieving 1billion naira per anun for food allowance, why not he divide his money to 10 and b recieving jus 500,000 per month? Why cant he b saving his own salaries instead of deducting frm those who ar getting jus 18,000 per month…?

    Ebele whose lecturer lik himself borrow #1,200 for upkeeping wen he was teaching now feed by 1billion, u shu hav told us dt u ar reverse ur nonenjoyment lost time…isnt?.

    U didnt get shoes wen u were Schooling, now dt u get shoes and u want take d shoe match on us wen u ar rulling…..isnt?.

    Egbere joninatan d Animalistic husband of sicked Patience. Where ar ur chilren, ar they in nigeria wt us….?

    Million of home neva eat todays. Can mouth who neva eat pray for u……..?
    Can mother who neva eat able to breast feeding her kids…….?
    Can a father who get no job led his family uprightly….?
    Can ungry brethrens listen to pastor preaching…….?
    Can a Nation wt feminine in d midst of plenty unite togeda….?

    Ur ar award ar; (a). Most abused president so far in Nig. (b). Most evil creature on hot throne. (c). Extravagance manager of d century. Guys wat ar d award u hav for ur president…?

    J= JUST
    O= on
    N= national
    A= assignment
    T= to
    H= harm
    A= all blessed
    N= nigerians.
    Do u see it d way i see it friends..?

    Jus say amen when i say….I see, I see, I see.
    Oft; i see u loosing ur position.
    Ebere; amen.
    Oft: I see ur friends and team advicing u to commit suicide.
    Ebere: amen.
    Oft; I see ur family bathing ur dead body.
    Ebere; amen.
    Oft; I see ur wife crying jus lik d window of dos men u hav killed.
    Ebere; amen.
    Oft; I see ur children moarning ur sudden dealt.
    Ebere: amen.
    Oft; I see ur old mother weeping @ ur grave.
    Ebere; amen.
    Oft; I see 419 duping ur children imidatly u ar burried.
    Ebere; amen.
    Oft: I see u burning in hell fire & eating ur finger in regretting over ur act in nigeria.
    Ebere: amen


  • I c no reason why someone shud asked nigerians to support dis idiot. He is doin it at d wrng time.We av beta areas dat he can sees to dan dis. We ar lackin gud en beta security in nigeria. Secure our lives first b4 removing fuel subsidy. Badluck u ar an animal

  • NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!!….I now see that they want to start keeping the civil servants together so that BOKO HARAM can easily explode them in the buses right…civil servants don’t accept this gesture…our good for nothing leaders make plans without foresight…

  • It is high time Nigerians became wise. I am a youth of 25 who is hustling in my beloved Nigeria to make ends meet. The questions are, how can our local refineries function to capacity when FG is still paying N1.3trillion to certain cabals for taking our oil abroad to refine and still allow them sell at the pump price of N65/litre? Does the above encourage local refining of oil? If local refiners produce, would you expect them to sell at the same N65/liter when they receive no subsidy? Let us be realistic, some of us have been misinformed, and so misled. There could be no better time to remove subsidy that it will not attract sacrifices from ‘dick and harry’, and it’s for better Nigeria. We believe. The fact that past administrations failed to channel the preceedings from the previous fuel subsidy removals is no justifiable grounds that Goodluck Jonathan will do same. We should look forward to a better Nigeria. Should Nigerians adopt the idea of Jacob trying to give us a meal to take our birthrights away from us? Let’s endure this optimistically and support this Jonathan. I see this as a goodluck in the making. And if peradventure, he fails like others to bring the promised changes, we would then see reasons to call for his execution. Cursing him, blaming him, wishing him death is very regrettable. Let’s reason like people with a dream. God bless Nigeria.

  • Mr. President you are an irony of your name, at your induction nigerians were rejoicing not knowing that you are preparing us for mass hardship. This is unfair ,mr president.. Your are not thinking straight coz if you does you wouldnt have done what you just did to all nigerians…you wouldnt have announce on the first day of a new year as you did… Nigerians are not happy with you.. Though your intensions were good but was made known at the wrong time, atleast one of the oil refineries you promised should have been completed before the subsidy removal.. Also, 2 buses per local government is an error from the highest order, a doctorate degree holder like you should have known that 2 buses cannot and can never be enough to convene all workers in one local govt.. Mr. President that was very wolful of you to think in that manner… Lastly, in january 2011 when workers suppose to resume you ordered us to go and register towards the election also this year 2012 the same thing is going on,when you known that if an average nigerian did not go to his/her place of work will find it difficult to eat and feed his immediate family. You are exposing the pipu whom you promised to serve to an unbearable condition… This is unfair, what you used to start a new decade is wrong and very bad.. Mr. President.

  • U said ur name is “BADLUCK MUST GO” wel..i dn’t blame u. We al ve mouth, so u r free 2 use it. But i v 1 tin 2 say 2 u; all dat u ve prayd 4 Goodluck must come bck 2 u nd ur family in Jesus name. Amen. Som ppl dn’t knw wats hapinin dey just open dia mouth nd talk but i stil tnk God 4 ppl lik SIMPLY4CHRIST who had a tip of wats goin on. We shld be prayn 2 God 4 mercy nd stranght 2 hlp Goodluck 2 kip his promis 2 us 4 a better Nigeria nt d opp. I c a better nija in future. May God help us nigerians!. Amen.

  • it has become a prominent factor that man can never live without passing through his tragic days whether rich or poor…………. no matter how good or bad a leader may be he’s has an antagonist within. well, im one of those who live abroad.
    and i will say this; the two parties FG and citizens are both doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. and you should be informed that there has never been a subsidy in our petrol. the net rate of a litre of petrol is N38 naira, when i heard subsidy removal i wondered in this wilderness. can some explain to me THE SUBSIDY THAT IS BEING REMOVED. God bless Nigeria

  • my fellow Nigerians pls in da name of God i beg let us give good luck a trayal first b4 we can condem him, d subsidy will help if he fufil his promises and the price of fuel will reduce as refinaries ar build with d money gotin from the subsidy, we also harm nigeria as we go on with this strike, let go back to our work pls civil servant resum ur work

  • U can’t continue to do something as usual & expect changes to happen. D president has his reasons 4 d action taken. we can’t know more than him bcos he is d one at d top. My advice 2 d president is dat he sud start d implementation of our own refinery & other project as quick as posible. I also beg all nigerians to take d removal of subsidy as a bitter pill. Let giv mr president our support though it isn’t easy. But i know dat d sufering of dis present time can’t be compare with d future blessing. God bless Nigeria.

  • Larrysoye, ur vry stupid 4 abusin our president in dat manner. I tink ur among dos selfish fools dat buys fuel frm here (nigeria) @ #65 nd export it 2 oda countries nd sell @ d price of #150. Dats y now dat Gudluck has decided 2 build d refinery here in nigeria ur fightn him, bcos he wil b shutn dwn ur busines. But u knw wat? None of ur plans wil work bcos God has choosen 2 mak Nigeria a better country in future tru GOODLUCK JONATHAN. i believe in a better chnge. God bless nigeria!.

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