Tuface set to marry as he proposes to longtime girlfriend


2baba is officially about to be a married man.

Nigerian pop icon, Tuface Idibia on Valentine’s Day proposed to his longtime girlfriend and mother of one of his kids, Annie Macaulay.

Tuface has had an off-and-on relationship with Annie for over a decade.

The music star surprised everyone when he popped the question, during an outing at Club 10, on Valentine’s night in Lagos.

Annie’s close friends were in on the plan, but the actress was completely in the dark.

Annie broke down and wept when Idibia proposed.

On Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger, friends are congratulating the pair, with one particular insider saying ‘it’s about time’. Dancer Kaffy tweeted the picture above, with the text ‘2baba proposes to Annie!!! woooooooo live at Club 10‘.


  1. Iresponsible celebrity. We shall still read about ur acts here. When u marry make sure u bring all d other six children for Annie to take care of them. Is only God that can save u, bcos we all knw u are a he-goat

  2. Waooo… 2Baba hapy proposed life and hapy marriage in advance, dat is just d best. Dont mind d foolish talk of d people, all i want u to know is dat Jesus stil love u and want u bak

  3. Annie gurl am soOooo happy for U̶̲̥̅̊ but d question is “is it worth waitin for ǝ̥̥ decade?” How я̩̥̊ U̶̲̥̅̊ sure he ll change ? Ǝ̥̥ goat can’t forever hide in ǝ̥̥ sheep’§ clothing ǝ̥̥ goat is certainly ǝ̥̥ goat” think twice. As for U̶̲̥̅̊ 2baba make hay while d sun shines na old U̶̲̥̅̊ D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ old leave d rest for ur small children

  4. 2baba,cheers.u realy search n now u knw d gal u can tolorate. Let oda gals say or do wot dey may like 2 do.u didnt force dem 2 bed even 2 born a child 4 u.dey needed names.so marry ur hat dsire.u owe nobody.congrt bros

  5. 2 baba,nyce decision,jst hope dat this val snatches away d negative past nd bring abt d positive present,congrat 2 u annie,wsh u both best of wot u wish urself, bt rmemba annie’gurlz re nt smiling’so mk d best use of dis opportunity

  6. all dis bad belle ppl wey dey write rubbish post here, una no go fink of una life na 2 drink panadol 4 anoda man headache. Wetin concern una if all d gals 4 9ja gv am pikin, atleast em tk responsibility of d children abi una wnt am 2 mari any how gal? Mk una free d guy jor among his equal he’s d best and in africa he’s d bestest. Annie ur own beta jor mk u hold am tyt b4 gals wey dia eye dey chuuk go enta. Hapi married lyf both of u.

  7. what does this story have to do with my life? If you don’t have useful information to give to the public, you better close your media and stop boring us with other people’s life!
    Go and get a life!

  8. When a super star messes around, the whole country hold their ears in their hands. As for me, I don’t really care abt d colour of feaces these so called stars pass out. If he likes, mek him marry or better still,keep fucking and impregnatin young gurls who foolishly open their gutters to him.

  9. Finaly bros 2baba, u wan delete ur nem from competin wt Abraham?abeg?which man of God go gree wed u.u 4 dey fulfil ur ministry dey go.no do mek odas fom associatn against u dat day o.

  10. 2dada make i tal u…u beta dn’t think of it cus i’m afrid some thing way u go regrt if u dey lucky 2 surviv it…may happy any way is ur choic so wudup my pady on love 2 u guy..

  11. 2baba,i no wat hear story again o! Bcos,watin u want enter now,na 4 better nd 4was o.no b say u go dey lok ho any how again o! Is enought, Tubaba!

  12. oga 2 baba, its a very good tin 2 here my brother, am so impress wt ur step of settlin down, pls 2 make it all a blessin 2 ur life, giv ur life 2 christ my brother, dont allow fame, money 2 still ur soul, hell is real my brother, God is ready 2 4giv u 4 all ur misdeeds. wish u d best in ur marriage.


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