Ibori’s Sentencing and It’s Effect On Our Polity

Former Governor James Onanefe Ibori who was perceived to be a god in the Nigerian political space has finally been brought to his kneels. A man who traversed the political terrain like a whirlwind and who was often described as a godfather and a hero has finally been shown to the world by the U.K court as a “common criminal”.

Clearly this sentencing has revealed to us (Nigerians) once again that the greatest obstacle impeding the collective growth of our nation is corruption. Many may celebrate the fact that Ibori finally got what he deserved but the question is how can the Nigerian state purge itself of these kinds of “common criminals” occupying political offices across the country? This is fundamental because we have seen from the Ibori episode that one man political positioning in society is capable of destroying the destinies of millions of people if he is not checked. The Nigerian state has often been taken for a ride by these elements for too long and now I wonder what lessons we can truly learn from this U.K court sentencing. The U.k is simply telling us that it has the moral fiber to sanction corruption if it rears its head away in their domain, a virtue the Nigerian system completely lacks.

For me, corrupt leaders will continue to rear their ugly head in our polity unless we ourselves take concrete and drastic measures against corruption and not wait until foreign countries prosecute our own leaders for such. What a shame on us.

This assertion therefore buttress the fact that our enforcement and judicial institutions are not only weak but they also aid and abet the corruption circle we all see today amongst the political class.

From Kaduna to Asaba, Nigerian court made a charade of this same case and discharged and acquitted Ibori but right there in the U.K, the almighty James Onanefe Ibori confessed to criminal charges and abuse of office. This therefore leaves me to wonder on what kind of judicial institution we are building in this country?

Judgment such as this indeed proofs that the west will no longer tolerate leaders who will impoverish their own people and then steal from them just to go gallivant abroad. The U.K has clearly taken a bold stance, let us hope and pray that America, Canada and other European countries will follow suite in prosecuting these kinds of persons who will destroy their home countries and take to such places as safe heaven.

This should leave serious concern to us as a people, what kind of persons do we all give our mandate to lead us? Is this system of governance truly the best for the Nigerian state? How can our judicial institutions reflect itself as an impartial umpire in its judgments’ so we can truly get justice?


Yek Keme

Dept of Philosophy, University of Lagos



  1. the problem with Nigeria is Nigerians itself, in the ibori case, like rightfully said, no court in Nigeria found him guilty, it a shame that our judicial system aid corruption, jst like in the case of ibru, she was given the option of a plea bargain, what the hell id pleas bargin, once ur found guilty of corruption, the max sentence should be measured out to such pple, but No, in my country here, everybody is a theif, God bless us all, God bless Nigeria.

  2. If America and the rest of developed economies did’nt help us to track, apprehend and retrieve the stolen loots from these thieves, Nigeria will continue to be improvished as a result of their nefarious acts that Nigerians and the majority of people from the less developed economies from Africa and the rest of the world will be forced to migrate to their country in search of greener pastures and subsequently ruin your economy.

    Please search and seize them for your own good. Again UK should not repatrait those looted funds to the state of Delta since the same loot will eventually finds its way into Ibori’s pocket via their governor who incidentally is not only his stooge but his blood brother. Honestly it was on this premise that he unhesitantly pleaded guilty. They thought they are smart.

  3. 1. Nigeria is not capable of becoming an independent country for now, so the best thing is to remain unda colonial masta for abt 90 yrs.
    2. if and if is granted independent in my own oppinion DEMOCRACY iS best option to adopt.

    Any constructive critisms is highly welcome.

  4. i must say a profound gratitude to every one of u guys that have made one or two comments on my article……i say thanks…..
    however i the coming day i will be puting mor articles here on this site n i xpect more constructive critic from u guys, so as to improve the content of my writing…….thank u all so much
    yek keme