Lady Gaga’s teacup used just once sells for $75,000 (N11.7 million)


A TEACUP and saucer used only once by pop diva Lady Gaga sold for more than $75,000 at auction, the sale’s organiser said Monday.

The teacup, which bears her lipstick, autograph and the phrase “We pray for Japan”, was used by the pop star at a press conference in Japan, three months after an earthquake and tsunami hit the country in March 2011.

With more than 1300 bids, the weeklong auction finished Sunday with a top offer of ¥6,011,000, according to Yahoo Japan, which managed the charity event.

Payment was required before the winning bid could be confirmed, it said.

Lady Gaga told reporters at the time that she would auction the cup, marked with her lipstick and bearing the Japanese message “We pray for Japan” along with the star’s autograph.

All the money raised will be used to help young Japanese artists who want to study in the US.

The teacup was one of a number of items being sold to raise money for those affected by Japan’s worst postwar calamity and was the second most expensive lot, behind a crystal piano used by a Japanese rock star.

The natural disaster killed some 19,000 people on Japan’s northeastern coast and sparked the world’s worst nuclear accident since the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

The top-priced item was a Kawai crystal piano used by Yoshiki of rock band Japan X, which went for 11,001,000 yen.


  1. I was living in Singapore when I first heard of Lady Gaga. I think she had a concert there in 2009 or 2010. I did not really notice here, except that people in their teens and 20s thought she was incredible. Later I listened to Howard Stern interview here (it is now posted on Youtube). In that interview you will understand who Lady Gaga is. She is the daughter of a father and a mother who she loves deeply. Her father was ill and she paid for his treatment.

    I go to Indonesia and know local friends there. They are very lovely to me. I am sure most Indonesia people are like these people rather than those who would even suggest violence because they have prejudge anyone including Lady Gaga.

    Give her music listen? Do you feel happy? Yes. Do you hear a positive message? Yes. Do you feel like dancing? Yes. Do you feel anything negative? No. Do you feel corrupted? No Do you feel immoral? No. Do you feel anti-family? No. Do you feel anti-God? No. Do you feel old? No?


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