Senate confirms Ojukwu’s widow, Bianca, as ambassador

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The Nigerian Senate has confirmed the nomination of Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu as an ambassador.

Bianca Ojukwu, a former beauty queen,  was the wife of the late Biafran warlord, Ikemba Nnewi, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu

Her confirmation followed the consideration of the report of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs following which her nomination was unanimously approved by the senators.

President Jonathan nominated Bianca as an ambassador along with 87 others but was unable to attend the screening with other nominees following the death of her husband on November 10, 2011.

The Senator Matthew Nwagwu (PDP-Imo) led committee on Foreign Affairs eventually screened her on April 25 and recommended that she be confirmed as an ambassador.

Senate President David Mark in a brief remark said he was convinced that Ojukwu would represent the country well.

“I believe she will represent us very well; I also congratulate the women because that makes up for their 35 per cent affirmation action and even more.”

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  1. congratulation mrs.bianca.if u will marry me,’ll still make u d second world queen.It’s a joke.Congratulation,long life,u will be a good ambasador.

  2. Bianca, the history of our great nation tells us of your late husband, who happened to be one of the greatest nigerians we ever had. Late ojukwu was a patriotic Nigerian. Hope you will be guided by his spirit in lifting this country up. I really have a goog expectation in you. One Nigeria.

  3. Does any body know the meaning of WARLORD. DO you people not know that calling Ikemmba a WARLORD is an insult on him and the entire Igbo. Biafra was declared a nation. Then Nigeria that led to the situation refused and a war broke out. Is the leader of a declared nation a Warlord? It seems that some people are afraid to call spade a spade Ojukwu was the leader of Biafra during the attempt of the Easterners to break away from Nigeria. For 3 years Biafra was not a part of Nigeria. Biafran army was not build from the Nigerian army but was built from the civil defence “Militia” common people of Biafra (Then Eastern Nigeria). I would prefer if Ojukwu is reverd to as the voice of the EASTERNERS if one does not want to use the word BIAFRA. He is not never was any Warlord (warlords have armies loyal to them, terrorises the people and loots to maintain his part of the army). War lords were termed mainly criminals
    WIKIPEDIA:A warlord is a person with power who has both military and civil[1] control over a subnational area due to armed forces loyal to the warlord and not to a central authority. The term can also mean one who espouses the ideal that war is necessary, and has the means and authority to engage in war. Today, the word has a strong connotation that the person exercises far more power than his official title or rank (if any) legitimately permits. Under feudalism, by contrast, the local military leader may enjoy great autonomy and a personal army, and still derive legitimacy from formal fealty to a central authority.

    Warlordism is a term coined to describe chaos at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the birth of the Republic of China, from the death of Yuan Shikai in 1916 until 1928. This period is called the warlord era of China. It can however be used to describe similar periods in other countries or epochs such as in Japan during the Sengoku period, or in China during the Three Kingdoms, or in Somalia during the Somali Civil War.

    The word “warlord” entered the English language as a translation from the German word “Kriegsherr”, which was an official title of the German Emperor. Its use for Chinese military commanders who had a regional power base and ruled independently of the central government dates from the early 1920s, with Bertram Lenox Simpson being one source, according to the Oxford English Dictionary.


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