Students uncover another bomb planted in Bayero University Kano (BUK)

Another disaster was averted at the new site of BUK on Monday evening, when a bomb planted inside Sociology Department was uncovered by students.

A source, who preferred anonymity, said it was some students uncovered the bomb on Monday evening.

Immediately it was uncovered, the Joint Task Force was notified, which immediately alerted the anti-bomb squad of the police.

Confirming the report , the state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Magaji Majioya, said the police were informed of the explosive device, saying their men immediately went to the scene.

“We have defused the uncovered bomb planted in the university. No life was lost and no injury sustained,” he said.


  1. one day they will been tired with all their sponsors that are making this country not to be at rest. The almighty God will expose all of them one day.they said that every day is for the thief but one day is for the owner of the house that is my believe in life.

  2. our leaders knows the poeple that behide these bombing wahala espacially norther leaders but they kept silent.i strongly believed one day the wil brought to justice,they wil not go unpunish, they most acount numbers of lives the wested.

  3. Let Nigerians be told the TRUTH. It is their responsibility to police and defend themselves. Take the Fulani cattle rearer – he polices and protects himself and his cattle. Try and touch the cattle or prevent him fro feeding them on your farm- he fights you- he does not call/wait for any police or President to help him. That is my true NIGERIAN – not the bulk of the cowards we have from SW, SS, SE, NC zones hiding under religion/holy ghost fire. You cannot be asking for Human Right and fail to be Responsible to yourself and neighbour. Political, Economic Religious Terrorists under the cover of boko haram, militants, armed robbers move about with impunity to kill unarmed citizens and you want Presido GEJ to resign. No way. His NSA has openly told the world that the terrorism in NIGERIA is largely due to PDP exclusion policy – ie those excluded from FG power by PDP are responsible , namely ATIKU, IBB, BUHARI, BAKARE, TINUBU, IBORI, FAYOSE, SARAKI etc. So unless Nigerians want Presido GEJ to arrest and deal with them, the killing continues. Statistically 80% of the mass crime takes place in the north, particularly North central and North east. 85% of the casualties are are Northerners and Muslims.90% of the economic set backs are affecting mainly the North. So what is the logic of this senseless action by Northern and western politicians making Nigeria ungovernable? The best legacy President GEJ can leave for Nigerians is not fighting criminals and boko haram but reducing the over bearing power and influence of the Presidency and FG to below 1960 level. Let every state/LGA take care of its agriculture,water resources, education, transportation, mines and power, health, religion, judiciary, police, prisons, customs, airports,taxes etc FG can now concentrate on Military, External Affairs, International Banking, Treaties etc. Then every state/LGAs can have as many boko haram and militants as they like, with governors and LGA chairmen to contend with. Least I forget let every state/LGA have tollgates at their boundaries/major bridges to hold back these criminals. Removal of these tollgates was the worst crime commited by OBJ especially the Niger bridge toll gate at Asaba to check the Lagos – Onitsha bandits.