Awkward moments of relationships and what to do

You Accidentally Farted

Laugh it off. Sure, you’d obviously prefer your guy think you’re perfect 100 percent of the time. But that’s just not realistic and that’s okay. So giggle about it… and then move on quickly. He’ll dig that you’re down t

He Doesn’t Introduce
You As His Girlfriend

Wait to address it until you get home. Bringing it up at the party, or correcting him in front of others, can make a totally normal situation turn uncomfortable. When you’re alone (and not tipsy) ask him about it. The key is to be non-confrontational—you don’t want him to feel attacked. Make it a conversation about the both of you, which makes him feel as if you’re on a team. Say, “When we’re at a party and I’m introducing you, what should I call you? Can I call you my boyfriend? And what do you feel comfortable calling me?”

He Catches a Nasty Bug

The first time someone gets super sick in a relationship can be a serious test. Guys especially are notorious for ignoring symptoms and trying to tough it out. So if your dude comes down with a nasty fever shower him with kindness, and let him tell you how much he needs or wants. Then do what he asks (and don’t overdo it, if he asks to be left alone. Some people prefer to wallow in sickness by themselves.)

He Says “I Love You”;
You’re Not There Yet

Give him a big kiss, and tell him that makes you feel really wonderful. Don’t explain your lack of response unless he directly asks, because then he’ll feel like you’re just making excuses. If he does ask if you feel the same way, tell him that you’re not quite there yet, but you’re getting closer to him every day. Letting him know how much you care will take some of the sting out of the disappointment.

You Purposefully Left Stuff at His Place; He Returns It

Have a conversation about boundaries. Say, “We’ve been together for X amount of time, and if you’re at my place, would you like to leave anything over, to make things easier?” Then tell him that it would make your commute back and forth a little less tricky if you could leave a few items of your own at his place. When you decide on what’s appropriate in advance together, he won’t feel like you’re imposing yourself into his space. Cosmopolitan