Dbanj talks about his own rumored death connected to Dana plane crash

After the Dana Airplane a rumor took over the town like wildfire and almost caught every flammable minds of Nigerians. It was said that the koko master was shot dead in Atlanta, by 3 gun men, after leaving Kanye West’s studio. If we take a quick history of this we would see that such rumor also circulated during the time when people were declaring April fool.

It isn’t a rare thing to have such rumors cooking up about a celeb, but Nigerians have always been admonished to take it easy with manufacturing and distributing fake news especially of one that could be detrimental to the subject in question.

Dbanj has debunked the story and said: “Pls ignore the nonsense rumours. I’m very much alive and well! Thanks be to God! Thank you 4 all ur concern. #PrayForNigeria#DanaCrash #RIP” in his tweet.



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