Bomb Discovered in Imo State

Palpable confusion and apprehension gripped inhabitants of Obollo, Isiala Mbano local council area of Imo State, following the startling discovery of a huge bomb near the Umudo village hall.

Vanguard gathered that some of the villagers, who initially blamed the incident on the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram, quickly scampered into safe communities outside the area.

It was also gathered that the un-exploded bomb was found less than 24 hours to a scheduled concelebrated sung mass billed for the village by the Parish Priest of Saint Theresa Catholic Church, Obollo, Rev. Fr. Charles Ohuabunwa.

Confirming the near ugly development to newsmen, the Village Head, Chief Patrick Osuji and another villager, Mr. Uzoma Okorigwe said the bomb was discovered at about 3pm when an old man was trying to clean up the hall and its surroundings ahead of the Eucharistic celebration.

The duo equally affirmed that information about the shocking discovery was quickly passed on to the Divisional Police Headquarters, Umuelemai.

The Divisional Police Officer, DPO, Mr. I. M. Anaforom, who was at the scene of the incident, told newsmen that his men swung into action as soon as he received the report.

“We rushed to the scene, assessed the situation, cordoned off the area and alerted the appropriate authorities. That was how the bomb disposal unit of the State Police Command was called in to detonate the bomb”, Anaforom said.

Answering another question, the DPO said the bomb was a conventional foreign-made explosive and not an improvised explosive device.

He passionately appealed to the citizenry to be more vigilant and promptly report any suspicious object to the police for necessary action.

Source: Vanguard Newspapers


  1. Abraham’s faith in children numberin like d stars was not realized until after his death. Martin Luther King Jnr was a freedom crusader. It was not until after his death that his dream came true. Ken Saro Wiwa preached emancipation but that was realised after his death. Dim Odumegwu Olukwu, the people’s general and Ikemba Nnewi stood and fought for true nationhood of various sections of Nigeria and he was blackmailed. Now dat he’s dead, d time for realization of his ultimate dream has come as nature (of hatred) is catalysing it.

  2. I think this is right time Igbos should begging to kill Housas in Igbo land. my people should not fold their hands until Boko Haram’s bomb beging to kill us. Igbo youth and MASOB should not take easy with so call housas in the easthern par. In fact it’s right time to deal with them before our people beging to die. last time it was in Port H, they planted it and now in Imo. this set of fools are testing Igbos ability and what we are upto. please Igbo youths and MASOB don’t go home and sleep. swe shall fight to kill all Housas in our land. they should kill themselves and their so called brothers, sister and friends in the land but not in our own Igbo land.

  3. @atuben. My broda, Y shuld U write such a cruel statement, instigating all Youths to start killin Hausa’s in d east. I’m an igbo man like U 4rm Anambra state based in Kaduna. An educated Hausa man, well nurtured by Islam will not kill anoda man based on tribe or religion. It’s dose illitrates who dont undastnd d full doctrines of Islam dat will take part in such a cannibalistic act. D aim of d boko-haram sect is to distabilize Nigeria in any way possible & by ur instigations dey are set 2 archieve dere purpose. May God grant us d undastndin 2 live in peace with 1anoda. Peace.

  4. @Atuben. who are the awusas that you want to kill in Imo and other Igbo land? the beggars and refracts? when they are killing our illustrous sons and daughters having chains of businesses there? that is not a solution. Vigilant is what we need in igbo land.

  5. My people why are u surprise of d recent insurgencies.These i believe are signs of end time.The devil knows that it’s time is short,and so is left no choice other than instigating pple shed blood jst 2 increase d inhabitants of hell fire.Hell has enlarged it’s coast.whoever is a victim of such rebellion but was unble 2 be born-again b4 such victimisation and die in d process has no excuse on d jugdement seat of God.So strive be reconciled with God;flee frm every appearance of evil,seek 2 have ur name written in d book of life 2 avoid 2nd victimisation & be prepared 4 d unknown becos among 2 imminent things u must witness one;it’s either u witnss d 2nd coming CHRIST called rapture or u died b4 d rapture.A Soldier that 4 war is either expecting 2 survive or 2 die in d course.Death is necessary 4 someone 2 pass into eternity(Heaven or Hell).BE PREPARED 2 AVOID “HAD I KNOW” IN HELL DAT WILL LAST FOREVER & EVER.THERE, U SEE A GREATER “BOKO HARAM”

  6. Mr. Atube, care has to be taken, if you starte instigating your igbo ppl. To kill hausa you have many planty igbo in the north there life will be in danger. So take care & many bokoharam members who where arrested na igbos.
    My almighty save us.

  7. My people, I belive the coming of the boko haram is one of the signs of the end time. All we need is a spiritual backup in this life wasting times! It now depends on who is backin you up, but as for me I hav the back up of CHRIST and a host of angels, so no evil can befall me and my family and I also hav a prophet, do u?

  8. U dat is callin on Massob $ youth 2 get
    Violent how many hve u killed? Who ever
    Lied 2 u dat Massob believes in violence
    In d 1stplace? Dis is d final battle bw good
    And evil, light and darkness not igbos and
    Hausas Mr man. If u like no reconcile with ur
    God.wish I knew where u r, I’ll make pull d 1st hit.
    Umuigbo will not sacrifice a pint of blood 2 d
    Cleansing Nigeria any more. Even we will its people
    Like u dat will, 2gether with those causing d problems.
    Repent b4 its too late.

  9. it is only Nigeria that spiritualizes every thing that happens arround them. has their not been insurgency in Iraq, Kuwait, pakistan and even revolution in libia, egypt and many other middle east countries. the sign of the end time has been ever there even during Nigeria civil war. the sign has been there even when some of us are not yet born. the bible in mathew 24 says “it is the begining of sorrow” not the end. Other countries are fighting evil with force, we are only preaching about it.that is the reason why boko haram will continue to kill more innocent people because we will continue attributin it to spiritual problem. when Egypt took to the street to change the existing corruption in the government they didnt wait to attribute it to spiritual problem that needed repentance. even the bible said “the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violence must take it by force. if we do not act we will remain and retain the problem tilll our 4th generation comes to inherit it. you that is waiting for christ to come now do not be suprise that christ is waiting for yoiu to act before he come. our country need to be purge from the human powers that has held it bound for years. ghana is enjoying peace today because Rollins purged all the bad eggs including the founding fathers of Ghana, all were sent to exile. Nigeria needs to be purge not just by God but by people that God has empowered. boko haram will not stop and will continue except we act.

  10. I was born and brought up in the north and so know alot about the Hausa ppl. those shoe makers u guys allow to parade in our villages are Bokoharam ppl. more are still on the way i tell u. but we will definitely put a stop to it before we begin to fight our selves. never blame any igbo guy over there. this stuff was planted by the Hausas i tell u.


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