Jonathan to Introduce Birth Control Law

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During the inauguration of Chairman and Commissioners of the National Population Commission (NPC) at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, President Goodluck Jonathan mentioned that a bill may soon be sponsored at the National Assembly which will seek to ensure birth control in the country.

However, the president foresees religious resistance to this proposition and therefore warns that Nigerians should not oppose this bill on religious grounds as it is for the good of all. According to him, “for us to plan properly, we must manage our population, but it is extremely sensitive, we are extremely religious people, either you are a Christian or Moslem… and even traditionalists believe that children are God’s gifts to man, so it is difficult for you to tell any Nigerian to limit the number of their children because they are gifts of God”.

The president also touched on the very crucial issue of education – the inadequacy of it – as a possible reason for the population problems the country is facing: “Sometimes you get to somebody’s house living in a well furnished duplex. The husband and wife there may have two, three four children. The maiguard guiding them have nine children. That is the scenario you have. That means there is a segment of the population that knows that you must get a number that you can manage but the other segment of the population don’t”.

Therefore, the president has assured that the law will be preceded by a period of intensive sensitization of the public on the advantages of birth control.

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  1. ur excelency, pres GEJ, d way boko haram is decimating d population of nigerians in d north thru endless & brutal killings is enough 2 effectively check our population, infact u may in due course not hav anybody 2 rule there, i think u should encourage them 2 make more babies 2 compensate d thousands of pple being killed on daily basis by siting a baby milk industry in d north.

  2. If, federal govt. can introduce this law is a welcome development to entire nation b’cos, rate of birth in our society today is too much and for these affected group of people to give these children neccessary needs is another terrible ado. Those that living fine will have maximum of four children while less previllege will take birth to minimum of six, why? Mr. President, pls. this is one the affected problem in this nation take it up. Thanks.

  3. Ur Xcellency Sir, yes the bill about to be introduced is indeed a great bill that will help manage the population of Nigeria and indeed improve the standard of living as well as enchance the Economic development.
    As we all know that Nigeria is a multi Religious Country, and the issue of child birth is very vital to a family. Therefore, much attention must be given to sensitising and orienting the masses. So that what is suppose to be good and favorable will not become a misfortune and disastrous to the nation.
    But if you take the feelings of the people into consideration the good Lord will help you in achieving your goal..
    Before, i conclude, let me throw light to the nation’s issue on security. Together we can fight terror in Nigeria. Involve all Nigerians and see the Consequence.. God bless Nigeria, God bless You, God bless my Humble Readers.
    Plz note that i, the writer is solely responsible for this publication… Criticsm is welcome!

    Yours Sincerely.
    Prof Rich Uyai

  4. Ur excellency sir, the fed. Govt. Should 1st of all consult extensively with all the stake holders in the country, especially the religious leaders before the bill on birth control is sent to the NAS. Mr president sir, you are doing a great work, dont be distracted and may the Almighty God guid, direct & bless you. We are praying for you.

  5. Jonathan need to be taking for medical check up. Bcos i don’t think his normal. China population is 2 times more than ours, they don’t av petrol also they don’t av land that we av yet they survive. Our problem in Nigeria is mismanagement and corruption that is our problem not birth control.

  6. Birth control is a very good nd favorable idea, it wil help in d problms of ‘allamageri’s” , unemploymnt of youth after NYSC, reduce number of graduats producd every year nd we wil hav more than enough jobs in d country just within a matter of time. people wil giv birth to number of childrn they can care/ train thereby reducing number of tout, criminal,boko haram,prostitudes etc as nobody wil hav two childrn nd giv out one or both for succid bombing or send them out for robbry,kidnapin or prostitution. pls mr President birth control wil go along way in solving d basic problems of Nigeria. We ar praying for u nd God is on ur side, rid on.

  7. My President, u ar very intelligent leader who has empted heart 4 his own fellow men. I guest u ar d architecturer of poverty, mass killing and an anchor of corruption! If u desire 2 bring a solution 2 a certain problems, check d solution frm d bible and Qur’an. Not d inspiration of Satan or your personal desires out of greedy.

  8. Fellow nigerians, i dnt really think dat over population is nigerian problem, Mr President sir u ave a gud choice n i appreciate u on dat. Did u knw dat china is 2 times populated dan us yet their economy is been is balance, Mr president sir, ave u think abt hw d poor r surviving in dis country, hw d percentage of dis country is been share among rich, Mr president sir, wat abt d law makers, d money dat d entire people in nigeria n even d unborn child cn ave a share is been given 2 1 person. Hw cn we survive mr president sir. Stil dis same money cause d youths 2 lay up arms n form militants nw d boko haram. Let our leaders really check theirself becos d eyes of God r watching us. Thanks

  9. mr president sir, we all talk about population not being our prob making reference to china’s over population doing wel, we 4get dat we r africa’s mst populated already. Do we want to achieve world mst populated b4 we start control? D president is nt sayin that we should kill our babies on d contrary according 2 his e.g, we should produce a no of kids that we can take care of both financially,religiously n otherwise. Our major prob(boko haram) is as a result of this. According to a confesion book arthored by an assumed former member, they were asured of employment by d group of pple who were top men in d society. Now if we produce no of children that we can control n care for we create a beter society. To help these development we should b creative 4 this will help employment growth not Jonathan. Thanks mr president 4 ur unlimited service to the nation.

  10. mr president….dats a nice idea, but i dont thinks will mek nigeria a beta place…. The first step is ur co-leaders, some of dem save money 4 their 10th generation children, while poor masses suffer just 4 a morning meal while their afternoon meal rests in d hands of God…. I cry when i see charity organisations carrying people with ailments walkin about d streets beggin 4 #10 and #20 from poor masses 4 an operation dat will tek hundreds of thousands 2 carry on, wen a single soul up there c
    an just press a button and save dat soul…….. WICKEDNESS, GREED, MALICIOUSNESS, EGOISM AND SELFISHNESS are d major problems of dis great nation, unless dis major problems are eradicated, we will continue battlin with small irrelevant problems dat means nothing 2 nigeria’s greatness…… FIRST THINGS FIRST…….

  11. To God b d glory.U hav spoken wel but our prayer is dat God in his infinite mecies help silent d so call corrupt leaders dat lead d nation into insecurity on lifes n properties.Jonathan will only try is best but according to revelation……Nigeria wil b d best pf d countries in all aspect in d year 2020.thou says Lord

  12. Weda d law is proved or not, am gonna give birth to 10 children by d grace of Allah, population is not the problem of Nigeria but d bunch of thieves we hav in offices are d problem.
    Instead of u think of a way of stoping bribery and corruption U ar thinking of a way of stoping other lives to live in Allah’s world. What a shame!!!

  13. Mr president is the bigest fool of this generation. Instead of him to tackle the real problem of corruptn, insecurity etc. He is talking of birth control. You better go back to your creeks if you are tired.

  14. A researcher once sed dat Nigeria is very blesd & ability 2 feed d whole of africa. Luk @ d way we unda utilise our very fertile land bt d leaders maximise dr opo2nities 2 steal & tel us 2 prepare 2 cut d fertility we’ve been blesd wit.

  15. Only foolish people would believ dat Nigeria cannot feed its population. Mr president has not had any good vision for this country and has never told us d truth. Nigerians beware! It cud be a ploy to legalize abortion bcos dat’s one of d ways of birth control. Does he need to send bill to National Assembly? He removed fuel subsidy and never consulted NA. Changed d name of Unilag without any consultation. He can as well wake up and set d limit of children any family can produce without involvin d NA. Is he sayin dat if corruption is tackled, we will still be so backward. He simply lacks d know how of administration.


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